Google Consumer Apps

What are Google Consumer Apps?

Google Consumer Apps are governed by a contract between YOU and Google.

These additional apps are not subject to the same contract (external link) that CSU East Bay has in place for the Google Core Apps Suite and they often contain specific terms of use regarding privacy, security, government access, and support .

Consumer apps include products such as: YouTube (external link), Google+ (external link), and Maps (external link). View list of all Google Apps (external link).

What University Data is Acceptable for Google Consumer Apps?

Each Google Consumer App has its own Terms of Service (external link). Anyone using these Apps with their CSU East Bay Google Apps account must still adhere to CSU East Bay policies and procedures. For example, if you would like to create content within YouTube (external link), CSU policy (external link) requires that you caption your videos. For instructions on how to caption your YouTube videos visit this page (external link).

Most importantly, Consumer Apps are not FERPA compliant. All data should be data classification Level 3, which means information intended for public access. For more details see: CSU Data Classification Standard (external link).

Which Google Consumer Apps are Currently Enabled?

The following consumer Google Consumer Apps are currently enabled for all users:

  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Hangouts (with video conferencing)
  • Maps (including My Maps)
  • News
  • Translate
  • Books
  • Blogger
  • Photos
  • Earth
  • Drawings
  • Keep

Get Help with Google Consumer Apps

CSU East Bay does not offer user support for Google Consumer Apps; however, Google offers many resources, including:

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