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Health Sciences Semester Courses

HSC 110 Introduction to the Health System and Social Determinants

HSC 130 Health Humanities 

HSC 250 Health Disparities and Health Equity 

HSC 270 Investigating Disease Outbreaks and Epidemics

HSC 300 Environmental Health 

HSC 310 Community Engaged Health Promotion 

HSC 315 Public Health 

HSC 323 Plagues, Peoples, and Populations 

HSC 325 Health Care Payment Systems 

HSC 327 Genes and Human Health 

HSC 330 Epidemiology 

HSC 335 Pharmaceutical Industry and Policy 

HSC 340 Climate Change and Public Health 

HSC 345 Aging and Long Term Care 

HSC 350 Health Behavior and Health Education Theory 

HSC 355 Bioethics 

HSC 360 Health Law 

HSC 362 Environmental Health Policy 

HSC 365 Mental Health and Policy

HSC 375 Program Planning and Evaluation 

HSC 380 Health Regulation 

HSC 385 Vector Control

HSC 390 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Communities and Health

HSC 400 Health Policy Research and Analysis 

HSC 405 Toxicology 

HSC 410 Qualitative Methods in the Health Sciences

HSC 420 Occupational Health

HSC 423 Homelessness, Urban Poverty, and Health 

HSC 435 Life Course Perspective on Health 

HSC 440 Global Health & Disability 

HSC 445 HIV AIDS in a Global Context 

HSC 450 Health Communication 

HSC 455 Management and Employment Issues in the Health Professions

HSC 460 Emergency Preparedness and Response 

HSC 465 Health Data and Information Management 

HSC 470 Health and the Built Environment 

HSC 475 Field Study in Public Health 

HSC 480 State and Local Health Systems 

HSC 485 Applications of Research Methods in Health Sciences 

HSC 499A Capstone in Health Sciences 

HSC 499B Capstone in Public Health Interventions 

HSC 499C Capstone in Health Policy 

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