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Semester Advising

Use the major checkseets below if you are planning on graduating under or electing the semester catalog. These checksheets will be used until the semester DAR is active in Fall 2018. If you would like to see if the semester or quarter catalog is better for you, use these sheets to compare to your DAR. The annual schedule below is a list of the classes that will be offered in HSC and in what term.

Major Checksheets and Annual Schedule

BS in Health Sciences

BS in Health Sciences, Concentration in Public Health

BS in Health Sciences, Concentration in Health Policy

Annual Schedule

Approved Health Sciences General Education (GE) Classes

The following classes have been approved for GE in semesters:

  • HSC 270 Investigating Disease Outbreaks and Epidemics, C2 and Social Justice Overlay
  • HSC 300 Environmental Health, B6 and Sustainability Overlay
  • HSC 327 Genes and Human Health, B6
  • HSC 362 Environmental Health Policy, D4
  • HSC 390 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Communities and Health, C4
  • HSC 435 LIfe Course Perspective on Health, B6
  • HSC 440 Global Health and Disability, D4 and Social Justice Overlay
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