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Student Information

Important Information

Check this section for important information, announcements and event information.

Summer Courses

In Summer 2018, the Health Sciences program will be offering two courses: HSC 3999 and HSC 4700 for graduating seniors. The Summer quarter will only be four weeks long, not enough time for an internship in HSC 4500. Because of the shortened quarter, Health Sciences is offering HSC 3999 in place of HSC 4500.  The same prerequisites for HSC 4500 will be applied to HSC 3999.

No other courses will be offered.

Semester Advising

The semester catalog is now available. Health Sciences has also posted checksheets for you to use to understand what classes you need to take under the semester curriculum if you decide to switch to the semester catalog or are entering in Fall 2018.

If you are unsure of what path to take, consult with the Student Service Center in the College of Science or your assigned faculty advisor. Before coming to an appointment, please print and review the semester checksheets if you are considering a switch to a semester catalog and compare to your quarter DAR.

As you review courses, make sure that you review the annual schedule and understand what classes are being offered in the Fall and Spring semesters for 2018 - 2019.

Please be aware that HSC 499A, HSC 499B, HSC 499C will not be offered in Fall 2018.

Prerequisites and Semesters

Prerequisites will be enforced by the Registrar in semesters. This means that if you have not completed the prerequisite for a class, you will not be permitted to enroll in the class at registration. There will be no more use of permission numbers. Please check the posted checksheets and catalog for the prerequisite information. There are two classes that you should pay close attention to in Fall 2018.

HSC 315 Public Health - You must complete HSC 1000, HSC 1100, and HSC 3300 in quarters to be able to take this class in Fall 2018.

HSC 250 Health Disparities and Health Equity - You must complete HSC 1000, HSC 1100, and HSC 3300 in quarters to be able to take this class in Fall 2018.

Undeclared Interest in Nursing

Health Sciences does not provide advising to students who are currently Undeclared Interest in Nursing. Please contact the Student Service Center in the College of Science for advising. Students in this group who switch to a Health Sciences major will be assigned a faculty advisor.

Student Representative

Health Sciences Student Representative

Maria D'Aguilar is the student representative for Health Sciences for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. Maria is a Senior with a concentration in Healthcare Administration and Management.

 For information about the Health Sciences Program options, current course requirements and course descriptions, visit the CSUEB catalog. 

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