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Fall Move-In Volunteer

One of the things that are great about Cal State East Bay is its spirit of giving and we have an amazing opportunity for you to experience this spirit by volunteering at Cal State East Bay Student Housing Move-In this September. We invite you to participate in some of the most exciting and memorable days of the year: The Move-In days! Move-In days are fun events that bring our students, families, faculty, staff, registered student organizations and the Hayward community together. Each year, students and their families rave about our fantastic volunteers and the welcoming atmosphere of Cal State East Bay. We are looking forward to a vibrant start for our returning and new Pioneers and thank you in advance for your interest in being part of this great event.

You can offer your support on our Move-In days as a Move-In Volunteer. Move-In Volunteers help Student Housing staff in a variety of areas that allow the overall success of the Opening Days Operations. Move-In Volunteers will cheerfully welcome the residents, help unload cars, carry suitcases and boxes, meet new students and families, and enjoy the energy that comes with the first students arriving for the new academic year. If you would like to participate on this very special day but you cannot commit to the physical work, please do not worry; you can offer your support by directing traffic, directing students, answering questions, working various tables/booths, completing other pertinent tasks related to opening, and giving students and their families a great first impression of what it means to be involved at Cal State East Bay. Remember that by volunteering to help with move-in you will be providing an extremely valuable support and an experience to Cal State East Bay residents and their families on what can be an otherwise stressful day.

There are four distinct groups of volunteers: Individual Students, Student Groups/Organizations, Faculty/Staff, and Off-campus Individuals/Groups. Individuals and organizations may want to sign up as a Move-In Volunteer to get community service hours for their organization. In such case, Community Service Hours will be given to an individual and/or all members of an organization that successfully completes their volunteering responsibilities. We especially welcome registered student organization to help with the Move-In process as this is a great time to talk about their organization with incoming and returning students.

Note: Please bear in mind that during volunteer shifts, ALL volunteers must be wearing the official Move-In Day 2017 t-shirt and name tag. This is for our volunteer's safety as they move in and out of vehicular traffic, interact with new students and their families, and interact with the University Police officers. It also makes them more recognizable for Student Housing staff as well students and their families. Volunteers may promote their organization by wearing articles (in addition to the official Move-In Day 2017 t-shirt) of clothing that have the organization's name, abbreviations, letters, and/or colors. Hats, shorts/pants, socks, etc. are appropriate clothing items to display your organization's name. Distribution of recruitment materials (i.e. print publications, stickers, give-away memorabilia, etc.) is not appropriate for Move-In days.


  • Attend and be on time for your assigned shifts
  • Maintain a positive attitude and disposition at all times
  • Conduct behavior in an appropriate manner as a representative of Cal State East Bay
  • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing (we recommend wearing pants/skirts/shorts, comfortable shoes, sunblock, a hat, and sunglasses)
  • Do not accept tips or donations of any sort


  • Serve the Residence Life community by being a positive role model
  • Gain positive exposure for your department, group, or organization
  • Earn community service hours
  • Make new friends and connections and gain leadership experience
  • Make a lasting positive impression on Cal State East Bay students and their parents.
  • Get a complimentary meal (lunch), snacks, and a t-shirt.

* If you are interested in offering your support as a Move-In Volunteer on our Move-In days, please go to the link below, enter your information, fill out the necessary form(s), and choose your shift(s).

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