About Qualtrics 

Qualtrics is an easy-to-use online survey platform developed by Qualtrics Labs, Inc., available at no cost to California State University East Bay students, faculty and staff. CSUEB Qualtrics licensing supports research, teaching, and administration. Qualtrics combines exceptional ease of use with an advanced set of features and is designed to permit the creation of survey instruments, distribution of surveys, data storage and analysis.

How do I get a Qualtrics account?

Qualtrics is available to all CSUEB official faculty, staff, as well as students when supervised in a class or research setting. Qualtrics survey software requires a CSUEB email account login (NetID) and password. 

Please use the following steps to create your Qualtrics account.

  1. Make sure to read CSUEB Qualtrics Terms of Use, before you create your CSUEB Qualtrics account. If you go to the public Qualtrics website and create a trial account, any surveys you create or data you collect will not be accessible from the CSUEB Qualtrics site. You can only create one user account in Qualtrics.
  2. Go to csueastbay.qualtrics.com to create your account.  You will need to enter your CSUEB NetID and password. To log in to Qualtrics once the account has been created, use your NetID login and password.
  3. You can learn to build your survey and much more on the Qualtrics Support page recommended for all new Qualtrics users. 

For further information on access and training regarding Qualtrics, and survey management contact Eun Rhee - eun.rhee@csueastbay.edu.

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