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CSUEB participates in a number of voluntary and mandatory surveys that are intended to collect data about its students, alumni, faculty and staff for administrative, planning, reporting, and faculty research purposes. In response to the University's ongoing commitment to accountability and to serving the needs of its campuses and wider community, there continues to be a strong need for these types of surveys. In addition to internal demands for data collected via surveys, there has also been an increase in the demand for survey data by external groups.

In an effort to best meet the internal and external demands for survey data, a coordinated approach to the administration of surveys to members of the CSUEB community is needed. We see this as different from, yet complementary to, the work of the Institutional Review Board (IRB). 

The purpose of the Survey Management is to provide a coordinated approach to the administration of University surveys in order to maximize their benefits by:

  • Avoiding or minimizing the collection of duplicate information
  • Ensuring good survey methodology and design
  • Preventing or minimizing survey fatigue by limiting the number of surverys, strategically timing survey deployment and utilizing sampling when possible
  • Selecting the specific surveys that fit the University's data collection needs (in-house or third party)
  • Maximizing the response rates for critical university administrative surveys
  • Ensuring measures are taken to protect respondent privacy, confidentiality, and adherence to FERPA
  • Encouraging the communication and sharing of survey results

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