If you have any questions at any time that are not answered on this help page, please contact Noel-Levitz at 800-876-1117 or at info@noellevitz.com

You will have received one HTML file for each report you have ordered from us, including your main campus report, any additional comparison reports, year to year comparison reports, target group reports and any other requested reports.

Saving and Sharing Your Reports

You may save your HTML on your computer in order to access it again at another time. Select the "save as" function from the FILE toolbar. Give the file a name and save it to the appropriate location on your computer. The saved file(s) can then be emailed as an attachment to others on your campus.

We encourage you to save these HTML files to your hard drive immediately.

Please note that every time the HTML is opened, it is going to start fresh in its original delivery format. It will not remember how you last sorted it.

Electronic reports

This electronic delivery includes:

  • Item Report: responses for each individual item on the survey
  • Scale Report: responses for the survey scales and the items clustered within the scales
  • Summary Report: responses to the summary items on the survey
  • Demographic Report: responses to the demographic items on the survey

Choose the report you wish to review by selecting it from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of this screen.

Reviewing Your Data

Item Report:

You have the option to sort on any of the following columns on this screen:
Performance Gap
Mean Difference

Simply select the column you want to sort on. An underscore will reflect the column you have selected. If you select "Items" the first selection will be in ascending numeric order and the second selection will be on descending numeric order. For importance, satisfaction, performance gap, and mean difference, the first selection will be in descending order (highest to lowest) and the second selection will be in ascending order for the selected score category.

Scale Report:

Collapse and expand by selecting the purple arrow to the left of the desired scale. You may also sort on the scale name, importance, satisfaction, performance gap, and mean difference columns as outlined above.

Summary Report:

You may sort this report by selecting the summary column, the satisfaction column or the mean difference column, following the directions above.

Demographic Report:

Collapse and expand by selecting the purple arrow to the left of the desired demographic category. You also have the option on the top left side of the page to expand all or collapse all the demographic categories at the same time.

Printing Your Reports

You may print from any of the HTML report pages. The report will print as it appears on your screen. For all reports except the Demographic report, we recommend selecting the landscape option on your page set up before you print.

Introduction/Interpretive Guides

To access the general Introduction and Interpretive Guide for your report, please select the appropriate document on the following Web page: