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An Additional Email Account

"Request a shared e-mail account.

A shared e-mail account (also called a group e-mail account) is used to enable a designed group of employees to use the same e-mail account, in addition to their individual e-mail accounts. This enables all of the employees in the group to read and respond to e-mail messages that are sent to the shared e-mail address. (An example for the use of this type of account is a department e-mail address, where students may send e-mail messages to the department rather than to an individual employee in the department.)

To create a shared or group e-mail account, ITS requires the following information.

  • E-mail address that is requested for the account
  • Name and e-mail address of the employee who is to sponsor the account

Assistance With Gmail Settings

Update Gmail Settings

Email Account Change

Request Email Address Change


Access To Another Calendar

Manage someone's calendar

An Additional Calendar

Request for self-service documentation for creating a secondary calendar.

Google Apps & Sharepoint

Assistance With Sharepoint

General SharePoint Assistance

Assistance With Google Apps

Setup a SharePoint web part

Setup A Google Site

Setup a Google Site

Setup A Sharepoint Site

General Google Apps Assistance

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