Instructional Media

Media Production

Studio Recording

In addition to studio recorded "lecture capture" formats, faculty can record other types of presentations in the MATS small studio environment. Numbers of participants are limited and the facility's production capabilities are limited. To record materials intended to be accessed by your students within your current course you may prefer to choose one of the "lecture capture" options. A studio recording option is available in the lecture capture set of services as well as the automatic recording (lecture capture) of your class in progress on site.

Lecture Capture/Rich Media Production

All items related to capturing lectures. Use this service for assistance with changing a recording schedule, laptop installation, quarter long course/lecture recording, single event/classroom recording or a studio recording. Installation of the lecture capture recording application on your personal laptop. Use this service (also known as "East Bay Replay") to request the automated classroom recording of your lectures. This service records your lecture including your audio and whatever content you send to the classroom projector- PowerPoint, websites etc. and posts links to the recorded lecture in your Blackboard course. It is intended primarily as a study aid for your students. Material can however be repurposed and edited. Automated recording of a single or limited series of lectures or events in room already equipped for lecture capture. This service can also include the automatic posting of links to Blackboard course site as study aid for students. ONLY available in rooms equipped for lecture capture. Recording of lectures in the MATS studio. This service can also include the automatic posting of links to your lecture to your Blackboard course site as study aid for students.

Video Post Production

Use this selection if you would like assistance in editing existing video materials. This service is primarily intended to support the production of classroom instructional materials. It is not intended to support the production of polished, professional documentary type productions or promotional materials. Clients wishing these types of products should contract with private sector, professional video services.

Media Support

Content Hosting/Streaming Hosting

Assistance/training is available for uploading and managing material on the Blackboard 'My Online Storage' and other servers maintained by ITS. Note: Material you place on Blackboard's My Online Storage can be linked to a Blackboard course section and used across multiple sections. Materials stored in Blackboard's My Online Storage does not expire when term ends and links can be copied into new course sites without having to re-upload the content in the new section manually.


This service is limited to instructional clients and classroom instructional materials. Make this selection if you would like to be referred to private sector service providers who have contracted with the CSU. Note: University Web sites with audio components are also required to have captions.

Self-Service Scanning

Flat bed and negative/transparency scanning equipment is available to allow you to scan documents and images. This self-service is available to faculty or a faculty designee.

Format Conversion

A variety of media-VHS/DVD/CD, streaming formats, international format transfers can be transferred to different playback formats depending on your display needs. Use this service to request a format conversion. Please specify the original format and the format you wish it to be converted and the number of copies you would like. For example:" 1 VHS video tape to be converted to DVD. 3 copies requested". Please also provide the title of the original. Copyright restrictions may apply. Requestor must provide copyright permission from the copyright holder if applicable.

DVD/CD Production

Use this selection to request the mastering of a DVD or CD using your personal content, to compile pieces of material from multiple sources or to edit an existing piece of media for playback on a single DVD/CD. Synchronized audio/slides and video software that allow you to produce 'rich media' materials is also available for faculty to produce rich media materials on a personal computer, laptop or in studio. Rich media generally refers to a multimedia presentation that combines multiple formats such as slides, audio, video and other components in the presentation.


Large format poster printing services are available only for faculty and academic clients requiring posters for conferences, presentations and exhibits. This service is largely a supervised self-service and requires consultation, planning and scheduling. Academic agencies such as the Library and Anthropology Museum (for example) mounting exhibits should expect to provide an assistant to perform the tasks under MATS supervision. These groups are expected to replace materials and supplies used for their projects. In some circumstances poster creation services are available for student research presentations and culminating events that are curriculum related. These must be related to credit courses and programs and requested by a faculty member. Non academic clients should use outside agencies for poster printing services. Poster services are not offered for signage.

Duplication/ Copying of media

Use this selection to request single or multiple copies of your video tapes, DVDs or CDs. . Please provide the title of the original and the number of copies you are requesting. Copyright restrictions may apply. Requestor must provide copyright permissions if required by the copyright holder.

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