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Remote Access to a Computer

Enable connections to a CSUEB computer from on or off campus.

Remote access to a computer enables an employee to work at one computer (either on-campus or off-campus) and to connect to another computer. This enables the employee to run software applications that are on the remote computer. This is the preferred method of access if the employee is working at home or at another off-campus location and needs to access a protected system or application that requires an IP address that is issued by CSUEB.

From an on-campus location, the applications that are used for remote connections are Remote Desktop Connection (for Windows computers) or Apple Remote Desktop (for Apple computers). These applications must be configured for the remote computer to accept connections.

From an off-campus location, your computer can be accessed through the Web site, To log into this site, you must enter your NetID, password and organizational area. After logging in, you need to create and save a profile for the remote connection to your computer.

For assistance, please refer to the following guides.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for Windows

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Virtual Privante Networks (VPN) for Windows

VPN "How To" Guides

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