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Assign IP Address

Assign an Internet Protocol (IP) address to a network device.

IP addresses are unique identification numbers that are assigned to computers, printers and another devices that are connected to the campus network. The IP address is used to enable the devices to send signals to and receive signals from other computers that are also connected to the network and the Internet. Normally, an IP address is automatically assigned to a device on a temporary basis, and the IP address for the device changes periodically. However, there are situations in which a device needs to always have the same IP address. (Examples are servers, networked printers and computers that host dedicated applications.) For these situations, ITS can assign an IP address to the device so that the IP address of the device does not change.

In order to assign an IP address to a device, ITS needs the following information.

  • Type of device (e.g., computer or printer)
  • Use of the device (e.g., server or networked printer)
  • Host name or network name of the device
  • Ethernet address of the device
  • Location of the device (i.e., building and room number)

Service Hours

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday

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