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Software Upgrade

Upgrade to Current Version of a Software Application

As software developers release new versions of software, CSUEB employees need to change from older versions to current versions of software applications. The following factors must be taken into account to determine to best way to upgrade software versions.

  • Whether the request is for a minor upgrade (e.g., software patches or service packs) or a major upgrade (e.g., version upgrade from MS-Office 2007 to MS-Office 2010).
  • Whether upgrades are provided as part of a software license agreement.
  • Whether a maintenance agreement that provides for upgrades is in place.
  • Whether there are any costs for the upgrade.

To determine the appropriate method to obtain and install a software upgrade, ITS needs the following information.

  1. Name and platform (e.g., Windows, Apple or Linux) of the software application
  2. Version of the software application that is currently installed
  3. Version of the software application to which the employee needs to upgrade
  4. Software license program
  5. Record of purchase of the current software license
  6. Cost for the software upgrade, if applicable
  7. Approval of employee's department to purchase the software upgrade, if applicable
  8. Name and Department of Employee
  9. Property number, serial number and location of computer on which the software is to be installed.

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