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Administrator (Management) password change

How to change your list’s Administrator (Management) password on the Campus lists server.

 1.    If you don’t remember your list’s Administrator (Management) password:

  • Brows to or send an email to to create a service ticket requesting for the list server administrator to reset your list’s Administrator (Management) password.  Please include your list name and your name/NetID.
  • You will receive an email from the list server that includes a new random password for your list and instructions on how to change your list’s Administrator (Management) password.

 2.    If you know your list’s Administrator (Management) password:

  •  Brows to your list’s Administrator Authentication page at<ListName>

  • Logon to your list’s administrator page by entering your administrator password in the box marked with the phrase “List Administrator Password:”

  • Once you logged in, click the "Passwords" link at the top left of the administrator page to go to the password management page.  There you can change the administrator password by entering your new password and confirm it in the boxes similar to the figure below and then click the button “Submit Your Changes” and you are done. 

New Password

Enter new administrator password:

Confirm administrator password:

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