The CSU Chancellor's Office and our campus have entered into agreements with several software developers and vendors to provide site licenses (i.e., no-cost distribution) or volume purchase agreements (i.e., discount pricing) to make software applications available to faculty, staff and students. For a list of titles Click Here: Software Titles (PDF)

Each of these software applications is provided via a licensing agreement that falls into one of three general categories: software which the University has rights to copy and distribute (e.g., Microsoft Windows and Office for on campus use); software which University departments and programs must purchase from a "master agreement" (e.g., Adobe products and certain Microsoft products); and software which ITS has purchased in "bulk" and distributes to faculty (e.g., Microsoft work at home program and Adobe Acrobat Professional).

Each agreement has its own costs, rules, and eligibility requirements. For example, some software is available for download from either vendor or University servers; some software may be distributed via physical copy; some vendors require the faculty or staff member to sign a "compliance agreement"; some software is "prepaid" by the University; some must be purchased by the individual faculty or staff member; some software is available for on-campus use only; and some may be used at home. The table in Software Titles (PDF) provides a brief outline of the titles and requirements. If you have questions about availability or requirements, contact the Help Desk.

To request a title from the list of available titles, submit a request to the Help Desk either by email or by filling out the Help Desk Service Request Form. ITS will verify your eligibility and will send you an email detailing how you may receive the title, whether or not a "compliance agreement" needs to be filled out and any other special requirements. Depending on the licensing, titles may be picked up at MATS (LI 2800), downloaded from campus or vendor servers, or ordered using the University's normal purchasing procedures.

Your college, division, or departmental local technical support staff is available to help with installation.

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