Call For Papers

Original research articles appearing in JERHRE may be original empirical research, theory-driven research, methodology-driven research, and reviews of literature on such research. These categories are not mutually exclusive. 

Articles that have previously been published or that are under review by another journal will not be considered for publication.

When planning contributions, authors should also see Aim and Scope, Appropriate Contributions, Suggested Approaches, and Manuscript Preparation.

When preparing a manuscript for submission, please adhere to the detailed instructions provided at Manuscript Preparation. Please note that JERHRE employs APA style; this mostly affects the style of citations and references.  Please see APA Style for details and examples

Prospective authors are invited to contact the editor-in-chief:

Joan E. Sieber (Professor Emerita, Psychology, California State University East Bay)


Phone: (510) 538-5424

Reader contributions are invited: Letters to the Editor, Research Agendas, Collaboratory Proposals, and Brief Articles. Reader contributions should be emailed to the editor.

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