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Kinesiology Single Subject

Transcript Evaluation Procedure

  1. Mail copies of transcript(s) (photocopies are acceptable; official transcripts are not necessary) of all relevant college/university coursework to:

    Dr. Penny McCullagh, Chair
    Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education
    California State University, East Bay
    Hayward, CA 94542-3062

    Or, deliver these documents to the department, PE 130, in person. In either case, please attach a cover letter with your address and telephone number. Include a photocopy of catalog course descriptions from the university where courses were taken.

  2. Enclose a check for $25.00, payable to CSUEB, unless you are a CSUEB graduate, a currently enrolled CSUEB student, or an applicant for admission to CSUEB. (Students in the last category should include a copy of their receipt for the application fee.)
  3. In a timely manner, you will receive the results of the evaluation and, in the case of non-compliance, a list of courses needed to complete the requirements.


This list of required courses is for your information only. An official evaluation must be completed by the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education.

  • KPE 3300 Kinesiological Measurement (5)
  • KPE 3305 Structural Kinesiology (5)
  • KPE 3310 Biomechanics (5)
  • KPE 3320 Exercise Physiology (5)
  • KPE 3330 Sensorimotor Skill (5)
  • KPE 3700 History of Sport and Physical Education (4)
  • KPE 3740 Philosophical Foundations of Sport and P.E. (4)
  • KPE 3750 Sport in Contemporary Society (4)
  • Theory Analysis-Practice Courses (15 units)
  • DANC 3241 The Dance Experience (3)
  • KPE 3072 Individual and Dual Sports (3)
  • KPE 3075 Aquatic and Outdoor Education (3)
  • KPE 3079 Combatives and Fitness Activities (3)
  • KPE 3080 Team Sports and Field Sports (3)
  • KPE 4008 Physical Education for Exceptional Individuals (4)
  • KPE 4340 Motor Development (4)
  • KPE 4650 First Aid and Safety (4)
  • EDUI 5090 Computer Application in Educational Settings (4)
  • KPE 4004 Elementary School Physical Education (4)
  • KPE 4006 Secondary School Physical Education (4)
  • KPE 4031 Field Experience (2-2 units*)
  • *(Must be taken concurrently with KPE 4004 and 4006)

Satisfactory completion of one activity in each of fives categories. At least one intermediate and advance course must be included. Swimming, Combative, Team Sports, Individual or Dual Sports, and Fitness Activities.
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