Back to the Bay 2015

Back to the Bay 2015 Presentation Descriptions

Early Bird Sessions

8:30 - 9:45am

What's New in Blackboard?

Find out what updates have been made to our Blackboard site and how to use them to improve your course and save you time. We'll also include information about ProctorU, a proctoring service available to CSUEB instructors, and how you can use it to ensure the integrity of high stakes exams.
Presenter(s): Bernie Salvador, Online Campus; Suzanne Hess, Online Campus; Krishneel Kishor, Online Campus

Camtasia/Panopto/iClicker - Three 20 minute demonstrations

  • Camtasia - See examples of how this easy video lecture capture keeps you in front of your students and helps you achieve the ultimate "instructor presence" online.
  • Panopto/East Bay Replay - Looking for more flexibility in your lectures? Seeking a way to keep students engaged? See how capture technology allows you to creatively enhance your teaching style while conveying more of the subject matter to your students. Come see our East Bay Replay capture tool Panopto to find out how.
  • iClicker - Curious about iClicker for the classroom? Learn how to set up, connect to your Blackboard gradebook, and poll students. In addition, learn about REEF polling from student laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Presenter(s): Meg Taggart, Online Campus; DL Tech, ITS Media and Academic Technology Services; Andrea Low, ITS Media and Academic Technology Services

BayCloud - Virtual Computing Lab

BayCloud is VMware Horizon View. This virtual desktop service is provided to students in order to access virtual desktops with software designed for students. A client program can be installed or you can use the HTML5 enabled browser to access your desktop. Give your students access to the software you use to support your curriculum in any computer lab or home use. No need to rely on a campus lab. BayCloud enables students to access software from anywhere—from any campus computer, their dorm rooms, home, or while traveling. An internet connection and acceptable browser or VMware view client program is all that is required. Attend our session to learn more about BayCloud
Presenter(s): Eric Neumann, ITS Media and Academic Technology Services; David Miyoshi, ITS Data Center Systems

Duplicating Services - Pioneering Change of Print

This session is an overview of new print services, options, and the new Online Print Portal. It will also cover "greening" of printing  and requesting confidential document destruction.

Presenter(s): Sylvester Donelson, Jr., Purchasing; Dayrll Lewis, Shipping & Receiving

Captioning for Usability and Accessibility

Video is one of the most common resources instructors use in their online courses, and a component students usually enjoy. However, video does pose a challenge for instructors who strive to make their courses accessible to all students because it requires the additional step of adding captions. In this session, we'll talk about the importance of making your videos accessible and share with you resources on campus to help you add captions. You'll also see a live demo for how to add captions yourself.

Presenter(s): Glenn Brewster, ITS Media and Academic Technology Services; Rebecca Farivar, Online Campus

Keynote Speaker

Carl Kemnitz, San José State University

Workshop Session 1


Security Awareness for Higher Education Environments

This session will provide faculty with the knowledge and tools to protect University information systems and sensitive data from internal and external threats. Information on personal data protection will also be discussed.
Presenter(s): Thomas Dixon, ITS Infrastructure Operations

Hiring, Recruiting, and Retaining Diverse Faculty

Join us for the first formal training on the diversity advocate role and unconscious bias.  Participants will leave having completed the important initial training module on Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Diverse Faculty. We'll also share updates on our departmental 2015-16 Tenure-Track Searches, along with open conversations and  a "Q & A" session. 

Presenter(s): Diane Woods, University Diversity Office

Resource Refresher: Updates from the Library

Learn about new and existing resources that you may not know about in the Library! See what tools may be useful for you in your classes, such as full text access to the New York Times, exporting reading lists from Library databases, etc.
Presenter(s): Andrew Carlos, University Library

Semester Conversion Questions and Answers

Semester Conversion Co-Directors will give an overview of progress made toward semester conversion and discuss plans for the upcoming year. Attendees are encouraged to come with questions, which will be addressed during the workshop.
Presenter(s): Eileen Barrett, Office of Semester Conversion; Jason Singley, Office of Semester Conversion; Julie Glass, Computer Science & Mathematics

All About the Money

Wondering where to find money for research? Meet the people who can help. We will discuss internal opportunities, soliciting private funding with University Advancement, and Office of Research and Sponsored Program support for public and private grant development and administration.
Presenter(s): Stephanie Couch, Kimberly Page, Susan Wageman: Office of Research and Sponsored Programs; Kathleen Brady, University Advancement; Sarah Taylor, Social Work

Workshop Session 2


Tools and Strategies for Semester Transformation Part 1

This is a workshop designed specifically for department chairs, academic program semester conversion coordinators and faculty involved in curriculum conversion to help you complete the work of semester transformation. In the workshop you will examine elements of program design as well as the development of curriculum maps, assessment plans, and other conversion deliverables.  The workshop will also identify additional information and resources needed to support faculty conversion work.  
Donna Wiley, Jodi Servatius: Academic Programs and Graduate Studies

Digital Dossiers

In 2014-2015, new faculty in CEAS and several first and second year retention candidates in other colleges submitted digital dossiers. This session will report on the first year's lessons, share results of candidate and reviewer evaluations of the experience, and provide a 'tour' of the digital dossier template on Blackboard available as an alternative to the binder. You'll find it simple and easy to use and have your questions about the new format answered.
Presenter(s): Penny McCullagh, Jenny O: Kinesiology; Bernie Salvador, Online Campus; Tom Soo Hoo, CEAS; Jessica Weiss, Faculty Development

'Aha'! Education: Deepen Student Learning through Service Learning

Quality service learning deepens student learning and engagement. We will discuss strategies for facilitating  ‘aha’ moments for students, provide an overview of how the CCE supports community engagement across campus, and seek your ideas on areas for growth.
Presenter(s): Mary D'Alleva, Andrea Wells, Patricia Loche, Samantha Brown, Anyania Muse: Center for Community Engagement

Supporting WAC at CSUEB: Return of the GWA Program

Attendees will get an introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum principles and practices and how working with a GWA can support faculty members in applying WAC pedagogy into content courses.  Applications will be distributed.
Presenter(s): Helen Ly, SCAA

Reimagining Your Courses for Semesters

Semester conversion, while a significant investment, also provides a unique opportunity to re-envision our courses.  We can update our courses with current research in our fields, make sure our curriculum is aligned to the bigger picture, fine-tune our goals for students, refine assessments, and incorporate practices to increase student engagement. If you have wondered where are the connections between semester conversion, assessment and curriculum design, this is a good workshop for you.  Hear about best practices from faculty who have experience teaching both semesters and quarters, have your questions answered by Semester Conversion Steering Committee members, and identify resources to support you going forward.
Presenter(s): Jim Murray, Biological Sciences; David Fencsik, Psychology; Julie Stein, Educational Effectiveness; Lindsay McCrea, Office of Semester Conversion

Improve Your Course Material Accessibility with these Easy Tips

By incorporating concepts of universal design, you will be able to create a more inclusive learning environment by removing barriers to learning. The course redesign tips in this workshop will allow you to reach wider audiences, including students with disabilities, students with different learning styles or preferences, English as a Second Language learners, and distance learners, just to name a few.
Presenter(s): Katie Brown, Daminna Standfield: Accessibility Services

Workshop 3

2:00 - 2:50pm

Tools and Strategies for Semester Transformation Part 2

This is a workshop designed specifically for department chairs, academic program semester conversion coordinators and faculty involved in curriculum conversion to help you complete the work of semester transformation. In the workshop you will examine elements of program design as well as the development of curriculum maps, assessment plans, and other conversion deliverables.  The workshop will also identify additional information and resources needed to support faculty conversion work.  
Donna Wiley, Jodi Servatius: Academic Programs and Graduate Studies

Making Quality Matter: Faculty Members Discuss Applying Quality Matters to their Online Courses

Faculty members in the Accounting and Finance Department will discuss their experience learning about the Quality Matters rubric, a course design tool for instructors teaching online, and then using it to transform their online courses. The instructors participated in the Quality Matters workshop through the Online & Hybrid Course Quality Transformation Grants. In this session, you'll hear directly from faculty about how Quality Matters helped them improve their online courses.
Presenter(s): Rebecca Farivar, Online Campus; Nancy Mangold, Tammie Simmons-Mosley, Fung-Shine Pan, Ying Guo, Diane Satin: Dept of Accounting and Finance

How to Partner with University Extension

Hear from members of University Extension on current programs and initiatives in Continuing Education, Special Sessions, Study Abroad and our branch campus in Concord.
Presenter(s):  Kate White, Balvinder Kumar, Kelly Moran, Darice Ingram: University Extension

Programmatic Excellence and Innovation in Learning (PEIL)

Each year Academic Affairs awards up to four faculty teams the Programmatic Excellence and Innovation in Learning Awards. This panel will share the experiences and results of the 2014-2015 PEIL grantees: Change in Remedial Math (Kevin Callahan and Julia Olkin, Mathematics), Environmental Restoration and Monitoring Service Learning as a Tool for Interdisciplinary Education (Mary Fortune, Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism, Mike Massey, Earth and Environmental Sciences, David Stronck, Teacher Education), and Quantitative Reasoning Success in Economics (Julie Glass, Mathematics, Jane Lopus, Economics). 

Department Chair Panel on Semester Conversion

Find out what department chairs have planned for semester conversion. They'll share the progress, successes, and challenges they've encountered to date. Q&A to follow panel presentation.
Presenter(s): Julie Glass, Computer Science and Mathematics; Linda Ivey, History; Pat Jennings, Sociology & Social Services; Mitch Watnik, Statistics & Biostatistics

Campus Safety

Personal safety and "Active Shooter" training for campus faculty
Sheryl Boykins, University Police Department

Workshop 4

3:00 - 3:50pm

Services, Software, and Solutions from ITS

The Information Technology Services department offers many free or cost-reduced software for faculty personal use. We also provide a wide range of standard configuration computers for refresh. Our ITS Department Service Desk is also here to help with many of your technical needs. We now have a Walk-In Support Center to assist you with in-person technology support. This session will introduce you to some of the services offered by our ITS Department.
Presenter(s): Eric Neumann, ITS Media Academic Technology Services and User Support Services; Kathleen DeWitt, Service Desk; Pierre Sagarminaga, Asset Management

Lecturers 101

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a quick overview of the ‘need-to-knows’ for new and returning lecturers at CSU East Bay. Topics include: the common syllabus, student services, and campus resources for faculty. Come and learn about the campus, the Office of Faculty Development and its programs, and meet fellow lecturers.
Presenter(s): Jessica Weiss, Faculty Development

Academic Advising at East Bay: How Students Get Help

There are lots of places at East Bay where students can find academic advising assistance. As a faculty member here, you should know where those places are. This workshop will highlight some of the places, talk about what gets done where, and provide you with an all-inclusive list of places you can encourage students to visit. 
Presenter(s): Lawrence Bliss, Academic Advising and Career Education


Attendees will learn about the web-based curriculum management tracking system, Curriculog, that is currently being implemented. Everyone involved with curriculum proposals is encouraged to attend. As our campus transitions to a semester calendar, this platform will be an invaluable resource.
Presenter(s): Tamra Donnelly, Academic Programs and Graduate Studies

Supporting Students for Success: How to Address Students of Concern, Conduct, and Academic Dishonesty

The Division of Student Affairs supports students and enriches the student experience in a variety of ways. This panel will introduce faculty to the Dean of Students, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and the Director Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities, and the Student Care Team, and provide an overview of the referral process and how to address student concerns. Other topics addressed include student conduct, academic integrity/academic dishonesty, resources for students in distress, and much more.
Presenter(s): Andrea Wilson, Rebekah Rhodes, Stan Hebert, Diana Balgas

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