Back to the Bay 2016

Back to the Bay 2016 Presentation Descriptions

Early Bird Sessions

9:00 - 9:50am

Community College Collaboration: Enhancing Educational Access in Contra Costa County

Concord Campus Director ​and Assoc. Professor of History ​Robert Phelps will speak ​​on his year as an American Council on Education Fellow and his residency at Los Medanos Community College in Pittsburg, California, where he explored the possibilities of intense collaborative relationships between community colleges and CSU branch campuses. Joining him will be Prof. Oscar Wambuguh, who will be reporting on the development of the Pre-professional Health Academic Program​ (PHAP) at Concord.

Presenter(s): Robert Phelps, Concord Campus; Oscar Wambuguh, Health Sciences

Spaces and Services: Updates from the University Library

Find out about the exciting changes happening in the Library - from new spaces, new resources to updated services. Learn more about the Affordable Learning Solutions initiative and the ways librarians support students and faculty. There's always something happening in the Library!

Presenter(s): Stephanie Alexander, Andrew Carlos, and Aline Soules: Library

The Blackboard Ultra Experience aka What's New Suzanne Hess, Bernie Salvador, and Roger Wen

Presenter(s): Suzanne Hess, Bernie Salvador, and Roger Wen: Online Campus

Blackboard 101 - Navigation and Course Content Essentials

Presenter(s): Manpreet Chatha and Meg Taggart, Online Campus

Increasing Engagement for Semester Conversion: Strategies and Activities

Converting courses to semesters provides an opportunity to integrate new approaches to increase student engagement and achievement.

Presenter(s): Sweety Law, Marketing and Entrepreneurship; Jodi Servatius, Educational Leadership

Wecome Address & Keynote


 The welcome address will be provided by Provost Edward Inch. The keynote address will be "CSU Dashboards: What Do They Tell Us About East Bay?" given by Roy Stripling and Erin DeSantis from the CSU Chancellor's Office. They will introduce faculty and staff to the new Dashboard system with Maureen Scharberg, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and James Hershey, Institutional Research.

Workshop Session 2


New Approaches to Student Learning: PEIL 15/16 Cohort

Each year Academic Affairs awards up to four faculty teams the Programmatic Excellence and Innovation in Learning Awards. This panel will share the experiences and results of the 2015-2016 PEIL grantees.
Presenter(s): Farnaz Ganjeizadeh, Sweety Law, Howard Lei, Nancy Park, Jessica Weiss, and Lan Wu

Exploring Opportunities for Community-based Learning

The semester system will provide an opportunity for faculty to enhance student learning by opening the curriculum to different pedagogies. Service Learning and community engagement are high impact tools that enhance student learning. Join us to explore the pedagogy, discover resources, and learn about our funding opportunity for 2016-17.

Presenter(s): Mary D'Alleva and Andrea Wells, Center for Community Engagement

Building Online and Hybrid Courses - Faculty Showcase Certified Quality Courses

Presenter(s): Zinovy Radovilsky, Management; Sara Smith, Human Development; Kate Strom, Educational Leadership; Meg Taggart, Online Campus; Andrew Wong, AGES

Curriculog....What's Next?

Now that you've worked tirelessly and diligently to update, convert and transform your courses and programs find out what happens next:
What curriculum changes have been submitted across campus?
Where is my curriculum in the approval process?
How will new and transformed courses and programs get from Curriculog to students?
Presenter(s): Sarah Aubert, APGS

Improving Communications with Colleagues: Meet the Ombudsperson

This workshop will provide a fun and hands-on activity to begin discussing ways for improving communication among colleagues. It will provide everyone with an opportunity to meet the first CSUEB Ombuds and hear more about what Ombuds Services are available for staff and faculty.
Presenter(s): Silvina Ituarte, Criminal Justice Administration

Workshop Session 3


All About The Money: How To Get External Funding

The Office of ORSP helps faculty identify funding and apply for private and government grants. We support the research of faculty and the management of grants on campus. Interested in getting a grant? Come see what ORSP has to offer you in terms of starting a research project.
Jeanne Dittman, Chantal Ebarle, Susan Wageman, ORSP; Carla Faini, University Advancement

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction will be introduced to the audience with video clips, data that show the positive effect of SI on student's progress, and a demonstration of the techniques used with the students.
Presenter(s): Waffaa Hanna, SCAA

Adaptive Learning Tools and Learning Analytics

Presenter(s): Ayellee Adam, Monica Munoz, and Meg Taggart: Online Campus; My-Lan Huynh, Student Life and Leadership

Re-envision the Course Assignment for Quarter to Semester Conversion

One helpful place to start when re-designing a course from quarter to semester is the assignment - where your important outcomes intersect with student work. Explore some fresh ideas for assignments as a starting point, and to use as a spark to re-envision the connections to your course outcomes, assessments and course activities for meaningful learning experiences.
Presenter(s): Michele Korb, Teacher Education; Julie Stein, APGS

Forever Pioneer: 40 Years at East Bay

Presenter(s): Valerie Grant and Glen Perry

Workshop 4

2:00 - 2:50pm

Social Media for Researchers: Using and/or

Tour of profiles, features and materials at, and Google Scholar; Tips for creating an effective profile to link with your department and CSUEB colleagues but also the world of researchers.
Xeno Rasmusson, Human Development

Developing Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs

Presenter(s): Sukari Ivester, Sociology and Social Services; William Lawson, Communication; Balvinder Kumar and Kelly Moran, University Extension

Blackboard Assessments for Online and Hybrid Courses

Presenter(s): Bernie Salvador, Online Campus

BaySync - Understanding the Software and Connecting Student Engagement

BaySync is a new campus wide software that is being launched in Fall 2016 to all students, faculty and staff. This session will allow individuals to understand the software and all of the things it can do for their own engagement into the campus community. Additionally, faculty and staff will be able to understand how they or their department can use it to communicate to students and assist in their engagement to their department and the greater campus.

Presenter(s): Kenrick Ali, Housing and Residential Life

Looking for Great Co-Workers: Your Job as a Search Committee Member

Presenter(s): Kristine Fagundes, Human Resources

Workshop 5

3:00 - 3:50pm

Teaching Students with Disabilities and Learning Differences: Tips for Faculty

Attendees will learn about theoretical models of disability, the students with disabilities that we serve at CSUEB, and how to more effectively teach students with learning differences or any type of disability.
Presenter(s): Katie Brown, Accessibility Services; Christina Chin-Newman and Sara Smith; Alina Engelman, Health Sciences

SCAA Writing Associates Program: Embedding Writing Tutors in the Classroom

Attendees will get to know the program's goals, how WAs support writing across the university, and considerations when requesting to work with a WA. A faculty presenter will share his own year-long experience with the program.
Presenter(s):Helen Ly Christian, SCAA; Sanjay Marwah, Criminal Justice Administration

Showcase: Zoom, Voice Thread, Course Copy, Other New BB Tools

Presenter(s): Manpreet Chatha, Suzanne Hess, Monica Munos, and Bernie Salvador

Bay Advisor: New and Improved Advising Tool for Student Success

Did you know that we have 4,690 senior students with over 150 units? Want to know how many students are in your College and program area?

Our online tool, Bay Advisor (EAB), has been updated and customized to better provide meaningful analytics-based information for strategic academic planning and gives faculty and advisors real-time access to student information on an individual and program level to give you meaningful information to advise students. One key initiative this year is to help students who are close to graduation complete their degrees before the fall 2018 semester conversion. Receive an overview, watch a demo, and get answers to your questions including how you can receive training.
Presenter(s): Maureen Sharberg, Undergraduate Studies; Fanny Yeung, Academic Programs and Graduate Studies

Your Career: You Can Get There From Here!

Presenter(s):Larry Bliss, Michele Hingst, and Edward Beanes: AACE

Welcome Reception for Provost Edward Inch and New Faculty

4:00 - 5:00pm

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