Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about East Bay Replay (EBR) Lecture Capture.

Q: What do I have to do/learn?

A: Your participation in the program requires virtually no extra effort on your part. You teach as you normally teach and your presentation is scheduled for the quarter, automatically recorded, uploaded to the server and made available to your students via your password protected Blackboard course sites for their review and study on their own or in study groups. It is virtually "taskless" from your point of view.

Q: Can I try it and see if I want to do it?

A: If you participate you may elect to discontinue it at any time.

Q: What gets recorded?

A: Your audio and everything that goes to the projector. (A limited number of rooms have document cameras and blackboard cameras. These can also be recorded.) A microphone, typically installed on the podium, picks up your audio and any conversation in the vicinity of the podium. EBR staff will edit out extraneous conversations and blank spaces at the "head and tail" of the class period.

Q: Who owns the recordings?

A: Unless you have made other agreements with the University (usually not the case), material recorded is your property and you may choose to keep it at the end of the quarter or ask us to erase it at any time during the process.

Q: Can I pause and restart the classroom recording during the recording?

A: The quarter-long, scheduled, automatic "taskless" recordings should not be stopped and started during the recording period. The whole class period is recorded. If they are stopped or if the computer is turned off during the scheduled recording session, the recording will fail. EBR staff can edit out sections after the fact if there are items that you didn't want recorded. Please let us know if this occurs. We can also teach you how to edit your sessions. There is an option that would allow you to pause and control the recordings as you teach. This means that you would no longer be automatically scheduled and you would be required to initiate the recording for each session and upload it to your Blackboard course site. If you use a laptop we will provide you with a microphone. Very few faculty choose this option but if you want to do this, EBR staff will assist you in mastering this technique. Recordings done off line on your office or home computer can be stopped and restarted during the recording.

Q: Does it every fail?

A: Failures are infrequent but the technology gods are fickle and failures may occur. Because the service is intended as a study aid, occasional failures generally don't cause distress. In the event however, that you intend to retain the material for later use, or are guaranteeing the availability of all the sessions for other reasons, you may rerecord a missed lecture in our studio or on your local computer. We will assist you with this. We have noted that one of the reasons that cause a recording not to "take," is if the computer is turned off before the recording has been processed. Please leave the classroom computer on throughout your class and when your class is finished.

Q: How do students view the recordings?

A: Your students will be able to view the captures from within the password protected Blackboard course site. An "East Bay Replay" menu item in the left hand menu bar links to a list of the recorded lectures. This list is automatically populated/updated by the East Bay Replay system. You don't have to anything.

Q: How long do you keep the recordings after the quarter ends?

A: Lectures are retained on the server for as short a period as possible after the quarter has ended in order to minimize the amount of storage required. EBR staff will contact you to let you know that your sessions are scheduled for deletion. If you intend to use sessions for instructional purposes beyond the quarter they are recorded, we will retain them on the server for your access or provide you with a personal DVD recording of the lectures. Please let us know of your wish to retain your lectures as soon as possible, preferably at the time of your initial request. We will need to rename your folder. Recordings are associated with a specific Bb section. We rename your folder so that your content is preserved and you can deploy your recordings to any course in the future. We also offer you the option of receiving a personal DVD copy of the lectures at the end of the quarter. Recordings on these DVDs cannot be edited but can be uploaded for future use whenever you wish to deploy them again.

Q: Why would I want to keep them?

A: You may want to consider using the recordings as the core of a future or concurrent online or hybrid class. The staff at the Online and Hybrid Course Center (OHSC) can assist you with maximizing the instructional effectiveness of using lecture captures in this manner. . It is important that you let us know that you intend to do this so we can create a special folder for you that is not specifically attached to the current quarter Bb course.

Q: Can I get a copy after the course is over?

A: You may request a personal DVD copy of your lectures at the end of the quarter. Note that these recordings cannot be edited after they are downloaded to a DVD but can be individually uploaded again for future courses.

Q: Can the lectures be edited?

A: You or Media and Academic Technology Services (MATS) staff can do some simple editing of the lectures. Note that MATS staff assigned to this project routinely edit out “head and tail” portions where appropriate (removing private conversations that may have been inadvertently recorded for instance.) There may be other recording/capture software you might want to use if you want to do extensive editing. MATS staff can advise you on this. Lecture capture recordings are intended primarily as study aids and are not “production” quality. Please note that DVD copies can be uploaded and used but not edited once transferred to DVD.

Q: Who else (other than my students) see my lectures?

A: MATS staff assigned to this project view lectures in the process of editing out “head and tail” portions where appropriate (removing private conversations for instance) and check on the recordings to make sure all is well technically. With your permission we might want to include excerpts from selected lectures for presentations and demonstrations. In this circumstance, other faculty and selected audiences may view a portion of one of your lectures. This is purely voluntary and not done without your agreement.

Q: Can I use the recordings for an online course?

A: Some faculty are using the recordings for a second, concurrent online section or for content in future online or hybrid courses offered in later quarters. The staff at the Online and Hybrid Course Center (OHSC) can assist you with maximizing the instructional effectiveness of using lecture captures in this manner. .It is important that you let us know that you intend to do this so we can create a special folder for you that is not specifically attached to the current quarter Bb course.

Q: Do I need a smart classroom?

A: Yes you need to be scheduled in a smart classroom in order for your lectures to be automatically recorded and uploaded to your Blackboard course site. However you may also record lectures off line- at home or in your office- on your personal computer or laptop and upload them to your course site personally. MATS staff can assist you in this. You may also record lectures in the MATS studio location.

Q: I noticed a "Course Builder" participant listed in my Blackboard course site Who is this?

A: This is a Bb technical role assigned to an anonymous MATS staff member who needs access to the course site in order to set up and maintain the automatic posting of the captures to the course site.

Q: What else will the MATS Course Builder person need to do in my Blackboard Course site?

A: Occasionally the Course Builder may need to post announcements or use "email all" to communicate something to students in the course regarding a lecture capture or to post "how to use/handy viewing hints" type information.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Send an eMail to

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