Sample EBR Lecture Captures

This page is under construction.

It contains examples of captured lectures recorded in various East Bay classrooms. Provided with permission from participating faculty.
Examples below are to be edited.
Play around with the navigation features- look for slider bars, click on thumbnails and slide title lists.
Double click on the windows in "screen capture" mode to enlarge them to full screen. Esc to return to original. Use the + and the - symbols in the upper right in "slide" mode to enlarge and reduce the slide

  • Typical smart classroom "rich media" recording
    • Click on the slide text labels on the left to move around or click on the thumbnails below the slide.
    • Try searching for a term and see the list of slides it generates and click on them. (only available in this mode.)
    • In "slide" mode use the + and - symbols to enlarge and reduce the slide
    • Use the slider bar on top left or in "slide" mode use the thumbnails below the slide to fast forward or rewind.
  • Recording in a smart classroom showing use of a graphics table
    • We will provide graphics tables for faculty interested in this approach.
    • This example uses a graphics tablet in conjunction with another application -"Classroom Presenter".
    • Note that the capture also includes the navigation buttons of the app. These are only used during the capture. Students use the EBR controls or thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to navigate.
    •  The presenter uses the others during the presentation while it is being recorded
      Among other things, they allow the presenter  to go to previous screens throughout the live presentation in case questions come up or a point prior needs to be clarified. In essence the presenter never runs out of blackboard space!
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