Student Comments

The following comments were taken from an East Bay Replay Lecture Capture Survey:

  • I completely appreciate East Bay Replay (EBR). EBR is really helpful and I want to thank very much all the people who helped to put it together. I really appreciate EBR and I hope more classes will get it because it's really helpful. Thank you very much for everything, I can't wait for next quarter.
  • Loved it! Please bring it to other major courses such as this one. An ingenious tool for students trying to excel in their subject material
  • I LOVED having EastBay Replay. As the parent of a small child, it was helpful when I had to miss class AND was a great tool for review. I am so grateful!
  • I would love to have east bay replay for all of my biology classes. Students could definitely benefit from it.
  • Replay is a great feature and wish many other classes would use it. It makes listening to what the professor is teaching a lot easier and the ability to go back and hear it again makes the material more concrete. Please add to other classes
  • I listened to almost every lecture over using this system I think this system definitely helped me remember concepts more clearly and I would love to see it expand to my other classes. Thank you so much!
  • It helps in study groups, we all get together and listen together; it really helped a lot.
  • I think having this on almost all classes would help a lot of students on they're studies. Students like me would increase knowledge and if we missed the important part of lectures we would be able to listen to the whole lecture and add it on ours.
  • I would love it if all my classes had this, … having it so far in two classes-both more challenging science based classes- made a world of difference for me
  • I wish we could have this capability available for my science classes. Not that we don't have great professors. It is the subject matter that is more challenging and demanding.
  • This program is very helpful. I love it.
  • Should be in all science classes at a minimum.
  • Should be used for xxx xxxx,xxxx,xxxx at a minimum. I hope that all classes can be able to use this service. Some of us are parents and most are commuters. Missing a class can create anxiety, especially if it meets once a week. I prefer to be in class, but if something comes up, it's the next best thing.
  • East Bay replay was very helpful and should be available in many other classes.
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