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Music Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree offers intense study in western art music, jazz, and music of other cultures that has appeal and relevancy to all musicians regardless of discipline. Beginning freshman year, students are engaged in the study and practice of music through courses in music theory, ensemble performance, small chamber ensemble coachings and private lessons.

The B.A. in Music degree is comprised of 82 units. In addition to university mandated general education units and other requirements, B.A. students take the following courses throughout their four years at CSUEB.

Mandatory Courses

  • MUS 2410: Foundations of Music Education
  • MUS 4435: Seminar in Public School Instrumental Teaching Techniques
  • MUS 4440: Seminar in Public School Choral Teaching Techniques
  • MUS 4445: Seminar in Elementary Classroom Teaching Techniques
  • MUS 3014: World Music and Culture
  • MUS 3095: Technology for Music Education
  • MUS 4900: Senior Project in Music Education

Conducting Courses

  • MUS 3370: Basic Conducting
  • MUS 3380: Choral Conducting
  • MUS 3390: Instrumental Conducting

Instrumental and Vocal Techniques

  • MUS 2321: Basic Voice
  • MUS 2331: Basic Violin and Viola
  • MUS 2332: Basic Cello and Bass
  • MUS 2341: Basic Clarinet
  • MUS 2342: Basic Double Reeds
  • MUS 2343: Basic Flute and Saxophone
  • MUS 2355: Basic Brass (high)
  • MUS 2356: Basic Brass (low)
  • MUS 2361: Basic Percussion
  • MUS 2371: Basic Guitar


Do you have questions about the music education curriculum? Contact Dr. John Eros, advisor for music education.

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