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Recital Scheduling

General Information


  • All Degree Recitals and Noon Recitals must be scheduled in person at the Music Resource Center (MB2047).

Follow Procedure Guidelines

Submit necessary forms

Prepare your print-ready program (Degree Recitals only)

Sample Programs

Program size must be 5.5" wide by 8.5" tall (standard 8.5 x 11 paper, landscape orientation, cut in half).

See samples below and prepare your program accordingly. Note: Only senior and graduate programs use the requirements fulfillment notice which appears at the end of each of the samples below. Junior recital programs do NOT need that notice, so omit that wording if you are preparing a junior level recital program.

General Recital Information

All Music Department student recital scheduling is handled through the office of the Music Resource Center (MB2047).

Recital performance and attendance requirements for music majors are outlined in detail in Section 4 of the Handbook for Music Majors.

Scheduling Recital Dates: Degree recitals must be scheduled by the end of the add/drop period of the quarter preceding performance quarter. Students must schedule in person (MB2047).

Juries: Degree recital juries are scheduled by the Music Resource Center to be as close to 5 weeks prior to the scheduled recital date as possible. Recitalists are informed of their appointed jury time and date as well as their planned recital date/time confirmation via email confirmation from the Music Resource Center. A student will pass the degree recital jury if two or more faculty jury members agree that the performance is acceptable, and the student will be notified within one-week of the jury at which time the Degree Recital Date will be officially confirmed.

A student will fail the degree recital jury if less than two faculty jury members agree that the jury is acceptable. The student will be notified within one week of a failed degree recital jury accompanied by an immediate cancellation of the degree recital. The student will have two (2) weeks from the date of the jury to then reschedule the recital for the quarter following the originally scheduled recital date.

Programs: Degree recital programs must be prepared by the recitalist and must adhere to department standards and formatting rules. Complete and print-ready programs must be presented at the time of the recital jury. Use the sample programs posted as guide for exactly how your program needs to be formatted and refer to the Recital Program Stylesheet for technical program preparation assistance. Use the Recital Checklist Guide to assist in your recital planning procedure. Noon recital programs and ensemble programs are prepared by the Music Resource Center. Degree recital programs are prepared by the recitalist and submitted to the Music Resource Center for reproduction. Where applicable, translations are prepared and reproduced by the recitalist.

Students who do not adhere to the recital scheduling procedures and regulations face cancellation of their recital date(s) without question or exception.

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