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Be a faculty expert for journalists


Melissa Michelson

  • September 21, 2009

Journalists are looking for the special expertise of Cal State East Bay faculty member to help them enhance their stories in print, over broadcast airwaves, and throughout the Internet.

It is a visible way in which CSUEB faculty members – from professors to lecturers – can have their knowledge and teaching power documented and spread beyond the university through news coverage that informs our nation and communities in our area.

“It is an invaluable way for our faculty to not only enhance the importance of this university, but to enhance and further establish their own careers,” said Barry Zepel, CSUEB media relations officer, who is contacted often by members of the media seeking experts on elections and politicians, earthquakes, scientific discoveries, the stock market and economic news, popular culture and other fields.

The University Communications Department of Cal State East Bay is extending an invitation to all members of the faculty in every department to serve as a Faculty Expert for Journalists.

“I urge all members of our faculty and staff with specialized knowledge in their field to be a faculty expert,” said Mo Qayoumi, CSUEB president.

Among the most called-upon of the university’s current experts is Melissa Michelson, associate professor of political science, who has been interviewed on most Bay Area TV stations as well as by major print, broadcast and Internet media to analyze local and state government as well as elections and the actions and inactions of notable political personalities. She has been an in-studio guest analyst during live election night coverage by one of the Bay Area's major TV stations.

CSUEB Finance Professor Jerry Liu made the national news during the summer in an interview he did with Forbes Magazine staff writer Asher Hawkins following a study Liu conducted over a 34-month period on "stock manipulation" of Google by various Wall Street firms.

Benjamin Bowser, longtime professor of sociology and chair of the Sociology Department, has been interviewed by print and broadcast media on Bay Area cultural and historic issues, as has Terry Jones, who recently retired as a professor of sociology and social work. Luther Strayer, associate professor of geological sciences, has spoken to the print and broadcast media as one of the foremost experts and observers of earth movement around the Hayward Earthquake Fault. Longtime business and economics faculty Leo Kahane, Stephen Shmanske and Paul Staudohar are often called upon by the media for their analysis of professional sports economic issues such as player salaries and new stadiums. 

To become an expert for journalists, interested faculty members should check out the online application form at to express their interest to the University Communications staff.  To find out about colleagues who are already a part of the Faculty Experts Web site, visit

Questions? Contact Zepel at or by calling Ext. 5-3884.

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