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My Vision For A Prosperous Benue State

  • January 28, 2011


My Great People of Benue State;

I humbly offer myself, Professor Steve Torkuma Ugbah, to serve you the great people of Benue State as Governor. Since our great state of Benue was created, we have always hoped for a government that would be responsive to the hopes and aspirations of all Benue citizens. However, our hopes and aspirations have been dashed by those we have entrusted with our franchise. As concerned Benue State citizens, we have resolved not to stand by idly and see our collective destiny wallow in the midst of unprecedented opportunities. That is the prime reason why I have decided to seek the office of Governor of Benue State under the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).alt

2. Our vision is to partner with you, the great people of Benue State, to move our state that has always been on the verge of greatness, to true greatness within Nigeria’s corporate existence.

3. Benue State is a land of promise. God has blessed us with material, human, spiritual and cultural resources that form the basis for building a prosperous and sustainable state. The focus of our public policy will be to create wealth through developing a vibrant and dynamic economy that generates employment to enable us develop a prosperous and sustainable Benue State.

4. Our development policy for a prosperous and sustainable Benue State will focus on building on our material, human, spiritual and cultural resources asset.These resources include: huge mineral reserves, highly educated and talented people, young and energetic population, highly productive agricultural base, natural landscape that has huge tourism potential, local, national and international networks of individuals, groups, organisations and governments.

5. We believe that every citizen of Benue State is a stakeholder in the project of building a prosperous and sustainable Benue State. Our focus shall be on engaging all citizens in every community.Our development programme, focusing squarely on agricultural innovation, will start at the village settlement level. Every family in every village, settlement, suburb of towns and cities will be the focus of development policy and action. Development will not just focus on big budget items. Development will start with small activities that will have immediate impact and make a rapid difference in the lives of our people.

• Benue State does not belong to governments.

• Benue state does not belong to political parties.

• Benue state belongs to us, ordinary people.

6. My dear great people of Benue State, government is only a means to serving the development needs of the people. Therefore, with every sense of humility, but with absolute commitment to serving you selflessly, honestly, and respectfully, I pledge to deploy all the skills and energy that God the Almighty has blessed me with, to serve you as the next Governor of Benue State.

7. I seek your support because I believe that, collectively, we are One Benue, One People, One Destiny! I pledge further to partner with each Benue State citizen, to move our great Benue State forward into the 21st Century.

8. May the Almighty God enable you to see my sincerity of purpose, resolve, and determination to face the daunting challenges our great Benue State is confronting, and to partner with us to use the enormous resources with which our great Benue State has been blessed for our collective development.

9. My dear great people of Benue State, I humbly seek your support, partnership, and blessings to truly move our state forward as One Benue, One People, One Destiny!

Thank you and God bless!

Very Truly Yours,

Professor Steve Torkuma Ugbah

ACN Governorship Candidate

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