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Crime watch program strengthens security on Hayward campus

  • February 24, 2011

The Hayward campus is providing further security to students, faculty and staff through the Campus Crime Watch Program, a new crime prevention and safety organization working side-by-side with the University Police Department.

Similar to a Neighborhood Crime Watch program, CCWP helps members work together to prevent crime and vandalism. Members are encouraged to contact authorities when witnessing criminal activities and not to interfere.

“We can be the eyes and ears when the campus police are outnumbered,” said Jan Giovanni-Hill, staff member and recently elected chair of CCWP. “We want to keep East Bay the safe place it’s always been.”

Reports of theft in the new Student Services and Administration building prompted staff members to create the CCWP.  In early January, they held an orientation meeting and traded ideas on how to heighten crime awareness. The program currently has nine members. They have decided to start in the SA building and plan to expand to other buildings on the Hayward campus, encouraging others to join.

One of CCWP’s main objectives has been to increase communication within the work community of the SA building. With 130 cubicles on the third floor, for example, the organization encourages all staff to introduce themselves to coworkers and report any suspicious activity.

Students also will receive guidance from CCWP, said Sgt. Kevin Gonzales of UPD.

In recent years, the number of residents at Pioneer Heights has increased, causing a rise in potential security issues, Gonzales said. Program organizers said it is important for staff and students to know how to respond if they witness suspicious activity and during a crisis. CCWP will soon focus on encouraging students to be prepared and proactive during times of emergency.

“No one should have to worry in a school environment,” Giovanni-Hill said. “Informing and protecting people is our main goal and Crime Watch will be a good way to alleviate concerns.”

For information about becoming a member of Campus Crime Watch, contact Jan Gioivanni-Hill at

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