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Nursing Students Give Advice to New Freshman Cohort in Concord

  • March 18, 2011

Annie Revelli and Lizzie Mishork, two students from Concord Freshman Pre-Nursing and Health Sciences cohort offer some good advice for incoming freshman.

Annie Revelli is now in her first year of the Concord Nursing program.   As a 2008 graduate of Miramontes High school in Orinda she was planning to attend another University out of the area until she received a letter in the mail introducing her to the new freshman Pre-Nursing program at the Concord campus.   “I always knew that I wanted to be a Nurse” and the Concord program was close to home “with a set schedule and small classes”. 

Lizzie Mishork, an honors student at CSUEB.  Graduating in 2008 from Richmond’s Selesians High school she wanted to go to a large out of state University.  Her plans changed her senior year when she found out about the CSU East Bay freshman Pre-Nursing/Health Sciences program.  Once she was accepted she knew that East Bay was where she wanted to be.  To make the most of her time at the University she got involved right away and pledged Alpha Psi.   “My Alpha psi sisters {are} always there to help you.”    Her older sister is in the Alpha Psi sorority at Washington University in St. Louis and Lizzie was determined to be a part of the University.

Both Annie and Lizzie were a part of the first Concord Campus freshman pre-nursing/health sciences cohort.   The Concord Campus began offering freshman pre-nursing classes in fall 2008. Lizzie says that having guaranteed classes for her cohort was great.  When friends would say they couldn’t get the classes she could say “I was able to get all my classes.”   But that couldn’t have been done without the help of her advisor.

Barbara Fisher, General Education Advisor for the Concord Campus, “was Amazing!” they chime in together.   “She was so good; and an advocate for us and very encouraging, we wanted to make her proud” Lizzie says     

Annie and Lizzie are two of one of four students that chose to continue in the competitive Nursing program at Cal State East Bay’s Concord Campus.  Because the Nursing program is impacted (receiving over 800 applications annually for 165 spots available) students obtaining their pre-nursing and health sciences prerequisites in the freshman pre-nursing program at Concord do not receive special concessions when applying to the nursing program.  “We had to work hard, make a plan and stick to it” says Annie.   She advises new students to rely on the support they can receive at the campus.  “You need to love science and have a solid math background” she continues.    The healthcare field has so many options.  “My vision was narrow but after my first assignments {I realized} there is so much we get to do as a nurse.”

Annie advises students to prepare early and study.  “Our Concord cohort is a family; everyone is in the same boat as you.  So rely on your friends and teachers to help you stay committed.” 

Lizzie says “The freshman science classes were really tough!”  But I was used what I learned in my first class in Nursing school.  It was worth working so hard”  

Annie plans to finish her degree and continue on to a career as a Nurse anesthesiologist and Lizzie plans to be a labor and delivery nurse or a Nurse practitioner in Women’s health.

They both advise freshman students to connect with other students and their professors early.  Both Lizzie and Annie plan to serve as mentors to new freshman pre-nursing students this fall. 

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