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Getting involved at CSUEB Concord

  • March 21, 2011

Get Involved at CSUEB Concord

Creating a Vibrant University Village is a part of the seven mandates of CSUEB.   Student life is an important part of any college student’s experience.   CSU East Bay Concord interviewed Chris Caldwell (11), ASI Concord Director for 2010-2011 and Jennifer Case, ASI Concord Director 2009-2010 about their role as student representatives for the Concord Campus.

Chris Caldwell represents Concord as part of the student governance board, Associated Students Inc (AS).   ASI operates as the official voice of the students at CSU East Bay;  Representing  and advocating  on behalf of the interests, needs, and concerns of {CSUEB’s}  very diverse and dynamic student body by  providing services and resources to supplement and support the college experience.

Chris was elected to the role of ASI director in 2010.  He works full time, commutes to take classes in Concord and often takes classes in both Hayward and Concord.  Commuting and taking classes on both campuses is typical for a Concord student.   So involvement in student life may not be the top priority for working students.   Chris highlights his goals for the year here.  

 “Transportation is my main goal; students in Concord should have the same access to transportation as all students at East Bay.”   He has partnered with student life to conduct a transportation survey so they can best assess what students needs are for public transportation.   Chris doesn’t have a car.  He uses public transportation to get back and forth to his classes and was surprised there was not a bus or shuttle from Hayward or Bart.   He knew other students had similar issues and is working with Campus Life Coordinator, Arthur Jenkins to get student input on transportation needs through an online survey.  

Chris is the chair of the ASI Concord Campus Committee made up of members studying Nursing, Liberal Studies and Business in Concord.   Our needs are unique because no student in Concord lives on campus.   The committee is open to any student at CSU East Bay and meets once per month to address questions from students, focus on how CSU budget cuts will impact students and getting more exposure for Concord.  

The Concord Campus Committee is new for ASI.  The committee officially formed just one year ago under the direction of then director Jennifer Case (10).   The goal was to get the Concord students to take ownership through student government.   “I wanted to create unity and give them (students) an avenue to plug into the main campus in Hayward.”    

Jennifer commuted from Livermore to Concord for classes.  She said Concord was a “family” which is why she commuted to Concord when attending at Hayward may have been much closer.  Jennifer completed her graduate in Public Administration while working full time, leading community projects and mission trips overseas and a full time mother with a child in college. 

“I had classmates that commuted from Sacramento and Vallejo to be in our program.”  She continues “Just being able to offer a Live@Five music break in the quad for students before they headed to classes was a great transition from work to their second job of school.”   She enjoyed her time being able to implement changes for students at Concord.   “I knew I couldn’t please everyone but I did make a special effort to put on functions for students like me.”

With ASI Election season starting in April Jennifer advises students thinking of running for the Concord Campus director position to “just do it like Nike”.   

To learn more about Associated Students Incorporated and how you can get involved contact Chris Caldwell at or Arthur Jenkins at

Associated Students Incorporated and its committees are open to all CSUEB students.

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