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Tips for a successful career as a Project Management Professional

  • March 5, 2011

Establishing a career as a Project Management Professional is one that requires a lot of hard work, dedication and constant application of learned skills. However, for those that are truly passionate about their work, this career choice can be very rewarding. In order to have a positive experience in this field, it is helpful to know a few useful tips to put you on the right path towards success.

It is not only students that are enrolling at local Bay Area colleges and universities to benefit from higher learning—many adults and other working professionals are finding that they can do wonders for their careers by going back to school and taking classes, which range from obtaining a degree to completing certification courses in specific areas of interest.

When it comes to Project Management Professionals already employed in the field, attending California State University East Bay for Continuing Education in Hayward is a wonderful way to develop additional skills and stay up to date on the latest practices, concepts and other related areas. With over 70 degree and certificate programs available, CSU East Bay can help anyone reach their professional career goals without interrupting their already busy schedule. Schools like CSU East Bay offer a range of classes that accommodate to individuals in the workforce. This includes traditional classroom environments, online courses, nighttime classes and various workshops and seminars, which are typically offered on weekends as well as weekdays.

A part of being a successful Project Management Professional means earning certain credentials that showcase a person’s proven knowledge in their field. One of the best tips a person in this situation can follow is to register for and take what is known as the PMP exam. Passing this test can greatly increase an individual’s chances of receiving a promotion as well as secure his/her position in the company. The exam is a 200 question, multiple choice test that covers the following areas as they relate to Project Management: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, Closing and Professional Responsibility.

The best way to successfully pass this exam is by being completely prepared ahead of time. That means making sure you meet the requirements, getting a hold of the credential handbook, downloading the study material and other documents, doing practice tests and taking part in study groups with others that plan on taking the test. The Internet has a score of websites and other resources that have such information readily available for test takers, including PMP question lists, which allow you to have an idea of what type of questions could possibly appear on the test.

In addition to getting your study and research materials for the exam online, you can also register for your test date on the Internet. There are many different websites that are authorized to give the tests and by following their process, you can choose a test location that is close to where you live. Once you have registered and know the date of your exam, you can begin studying in order to make sure you are fully prepared.

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