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CSUEB hosts counselor conference Sept. 19 and 20

  • August 31, 2011

In late September, approximately 1,000 high school and community college academic counselors are expected to gather at the Hayward Campus for the annual Cal State University Counselor Conference. The conference, last held at CSUEB in 2001, will focus on providing up-to-date information about requirements and deadlines – and the ramifications of a new state law -- to an estimated 700 high school counselors on Sept. 19 and to some 300 community college counselors Sept. 20.

Each year, a CSU campus is chosen to host the conference, drawing representatives from each of the 23 CSUs. Topics covered will include admission and budget updates for the 2011 through 2012 school year and a new law affecting some college applicants. Attendees come from schools throughout the Bay Area and surrounding communities, including Napa, Sonoma and Monterey.

A major discussion topic during the conference will be SB 1440, the Student Transfer Agreement Reform Act, that became law last September, said CSUEB Director of Enrollment Development Amanda Segura. Beginning in the fall, the new law grants students the ability to transfer into a CSU with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science. In addition to guaranteed admission into a CSU, the act gives a transfer student priority admission into the academic department similar to the student’s community college major, such as chemistry or art. The law also prohibits state colleges from requiring transferring students to repeat similar courses to those taken at the community college that counted toward their associate degree for transfer. 
The conference, which takes place in Meiklejohn Hall and the University Union, helps keep academic counselors in the community well informed, so they can pass on important dates and details to the prospective college students they serve.

“We want counselors to get an insight on all the great new initiatives,” Segura said. “We want counselors to know they have the support of the CSU.”

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