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Google changes services for employees, students using Google e-mail

  • September 15, 2011

Google, which provides Cal State East Bay's e-mail service, has advised the University of an important change in the terms of their service that will affect some account holders.

Effective October 22, Google will no longer allow University e-mail account holders to log in to any Google services other than those supported by CSUEB, which are limited to Mail, Calendar, Documents, Sites, Groups, and Contacts.

If you have used your e-mail address to sign up for any other Google services (e.g., Google Maps, Google+, eBookstore, Picasa), you will receive a notice by e-mail, prior to October 22, advising you that a conflict exists and that you must transfer these other services to a personal e-mail address. You can transfer these services to another Gmail address or to an e-mail address from another provider (such as Yahoo), as long as it has not previously been used to access or register for any Google services. If your account is affected and you do not transfer non-CSUEB supported Google accounts to a personal account, you risk the potential loss of data.

More information about Google account transition, together with detailed instructions on how to transfer affected Google services to a personal account, are available at

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