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Present your thoughts, suggestions on the University's 7 Mandates

  • October 11, 2011

As part of the University's continuous strategic planning process, Interim President Morishita invites you to share your perspectives on Cal State East Bay and the seven mandates adopted in 2007. These structured conversations throughout the university are part of a process to help reaffirm and refresh a shared collective vision for the future.  These “listening sessions” will be one hour in length, led by a facilitator who will present three basic questions:

* What do you like most about the University and view as our greatest strength?
* Which of the seven mandates continues to be most important?
* Within the seven mandates, which, if any, should be rephrased or adjusted to reflect changing circumstances and new opportunities?

Here is a schedule of remaining meetings to be conducted with various constituent groups of the campus community:

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 9-10 a.m., RO 137

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 12-1 p.m., UU 311
Thursday, Oct. 27, 12-l p.m., UU 102

Sessions have been scheduled with attention to audience size. However, if you are unable to attend your scheduled session, you may join another, or, you may share  your thoughts with the president by e-mail. The feedback form is available at

California State University, East Bay -- Seven Strategic Mandates -- 2007

  • A tradition of teaching, learning and academic quality -- emphasized and reinforced
  • An inclusive campus climate that values students, faculty and staff, and fosters multicultural learning
  • Strong growth and full enrollment with personalized learning and expanded access
  • Vibrant university villages
  • An efficient, well-run university with a culture of accountability
  • A quest for distinction realized
  • A university of choice through regional stewardship

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