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A2E2 to enhance learning, educational experiences, student prep for career goals

  • November 3, 2011

Cal State East Bay students will be charged a new $40 fee to support essential student services and educational experiences starting with the winter 2012 academic quarter. The purpose of the new fee is to provide additional services and new academic learning tools, as well as up-to-date equipment to ensure higher student success and academic achievement to better prepare students for an ever-changing job market.

The Academic Access, Enhancement and Excellence Fee, also called A2E2, will be overseen by a committee of students and faculty members who will establish policies governing the use of funds raised through the program.

“A2E2 will allow for the purchasing of educational equipment and supplies to be used in the classroom and instructional laboratories, as well as for student educational experiences in the field, and for online learning – tools and opportunities that would otherwise be lost because of the cuts in state support,” said Sue Opp, associate vice president for Academic Programs and Graduate Studies.

The A2E2 program will provide funding to keep technology and classroom resources up-to-date; enhance peer mentoring and tutoring, e-tutoring, and online advising services; expand library hours and services; and equip students with 21st-century learning-technology skills.

The A2E2 fee of $40 per student per quarter will be used to expand high impact student programs and services for maximizing each student’s academic success towards meeting career and other personal goals. When A2E2 is implemented, the previous $8 IRA (instructionally related activities) fee as well as some other miscellaneous course fees will be replaced by the new fee.

“Some students who pay miscellaneous course fees will actually see a reduction in their overall fees, but the majority of students will see a net increase of $32 per quarter in fees,” said Opp.

Opp said the fee will be used to improve student retention and success as well as workforce development by “expanding high impact student programs and services, particularly specific focused interventions, including innovative hands-on creative approaches that increase the retention and success of underrepresented students.”

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