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Frequently Asked Questions

  • November 15, 2011

1. I am a student and my professor has informed me that classes have been canceled.  Should I come to school?

a. The University has not canceled classes and the campus will be open on November 17 as usual.  You should check with your instructor regarding your class schedule and assignments.

2. Do I need to have a special permit or pass to cross the picket line?

a. No permits or passes are required to come to campus, other than the parking permit that you normally display on your vehicle when you park on campus.

If you encounter picket lines at the entrances to the campus, you should stop or slow down when entering or leaving the premises, be patient, and use common sense. If a member of the picket line interferes with your ability to report to work or class, please let University Police know by calling ext. 3791 or 510-885-3791. Employees should also report any incident to their immediate supervisor.

3. I use public transit to get to campus. Are the buses and shuttle going to be running?

a. Public transportation to and from the campus will occur as usual but may be delayed due to the picketing. AC Transit route 60 will stop near campus rather than at Warren Hall. The campus shuttle, which you can ride by showing your campus ID, will operate as scheduled.

4. I am an employee and I would like to support the strike. What can I do?

a. All members have the right to demonstrate their support without violating the contract. The unions have indicated, for example, that members may:
• Participate in CFA's informational picket lines before or after work and during breaks and/or lunch hour. Employees should not take extended breaks or lunches, should arrive to work on time, and should not leave work early without prior management approval.
• Demonstrate support or solidarity by wearing a union and/or sticker, button or garment.
• Request prior approval to take a vacation day or use your personal holiday on the day of the strike.  Approval of your supervisor is contingent upon operational needs of your department.
• Use sick leave only for illness; any other use of sick leave constitutes fraud. You should get a note from your doctor if you are sick on the day(s) of a strike.
* If you are participating in an informational strike or other demonstration, you should cooperate with security and/or police. For example, if asked to move because you are blocking an entrance, you should do so.

5. Can I park in my usual lot on Thursday?

a. Lot M will be reserved for media and spaces in Lot N will be reserved for buses that may arrive on campus. Otherwise, parking regulations will be enforced as usual and parking permits will be required to park on campus.

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