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11 must-see movies for entrepreneurs

  • March 12, 2012

By Jan Norman
Register Staff Writer

Would-be entrepreneurs have numerous resources for advice and inspiration. Books, seminars and mentors all offer valuable information and advice.

So do the movies. After all, story telling is a fundamental tool in education. Some people learn best from actual experiences of others.

Entrepreneurs understand this. They use story telling to share information, according to Brian McKenzie at Cal State East Bay.

I started thinking again about the value of movies in conveying truths for and about entrepreneurs when the National Federation of Independent Business recently published its list of "10 Oscar-Worthy Movies Every Entrepreneur Should See."

In 2008, Chapman University in Orange hosted a marathon of entrepreneur movies as part of National Entrepreneurship Week.

Various publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur have published lists of good movies for entrepreneurs.

Not all of these various lists and marathons are strictly about an entrepreneur starting and running or business. Consider "Field of Dreams" in which Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella plows under productive land to build a baseball field. The message for entrepreneurs isn't "if you build it, they will come." In fact most entrepreneurs realize that cart-before-the-horse approach is a recipe for failure.

But Kinsella's focus, dedication and drive are elements every entrepreneur must bring to their ventures. Even when the prudent thing is to quit, Kinsella doesn't give in.

Not every must-see movie for entrepreneurs has a happy ending. In "You've Got Mail," the movie's small business owner Kathleen Kelly, must close her business. Failure happens. Get over it.

Do you agree with my list? What movie would you advise every entrepreneur to see and apply to their ventures?


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