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New Book Reviews the History of Love, Integrates Contributions from Academic Disciplines and Provides Assessment Exercises

  • October 7, 2012

MILL VALLEY  -- Harry M. Overline, a clinical psychologist, author, and professor emeritus of Educational Psychology for Cal State East Bay, believes that his definition of love, how it is achieved and maintained will have a significantly positive effect on couples and individuals who, because they do not experience love in their lives, are living a very low-quality of life and one that will often manifest across a wide range of psychiatric disorders as well as criminal and unethical behaviors.In some cases, he thinks that the lack of love can end people’s lives which can be actualized by suicide or a negative impact in the immune system. His opinion is that love is a phenomenon that requires development rather than something that everyone falls into.

In The Journey to Love, Overline reviews the history of love among humans since they evolved from primates. Then, he integrates various contributions from several academic disciplines (i.e. philosophy, neurological evolution, physical/social sciences, parapsychology) with his personal and professional experiences as a Couple Counselor in Mill Valley, Calif.

Within the pages of this book, readers will also learn what activities are needed to achieve S.S.O.R (Successful Significant Other Relationship). Overline describes this as containing stages which include In Lust, Darth Vader, Silly Putty, Tolerance, and Ferrari. Assessment measures and exercises are also included in this book to enable readers to achieve S.S.O.R. in their lives.

The Journey to Love is one enjoyable read for individuals or couples who think they are in love. It helps and guides everyone to have a clearer understanding of the contemporary definition of love, create a positive feeling about this new type of love and achieve a truly loving relationship.

About the Author

Harry M. Overline has experienced a wide range of Psychological/Educational specialties in the US. These specialties have included Social Science Research, University Teaching and Administration, Staff Supervision, Grant Writing (Federal and State), and Child, Adolescent, Couple and Family Psychotherapy. He has been a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Calif. since 1976. He has taught at over 12 Universities throughout the U.S. and most recently retired after 32 years from California State University, Hayward which is now named Cal State University, East Bay. Some of the courses that he has taught included Family Therapy, School Psychology, Grief Counseling, Chemical Dependency, Couple Counseling, Special Education, Quantitative and Qualitative Research in Social Sciences.


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