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Contribute mementos to the Warren Hall time capsule


Submit mementos of Warren Hall for the time capsule by June 1.

  • April 29, 2013

Cal State East Bay’s iconic Warren Hall, which can be spotted from miles away, will soon be demolished. However, memories of the building have an opportunity to live on. Staff members of the University Library are creating a time capsule filled with CSUEB mementos to be discovered by future generations. 

Everyone in the university community is welcome to place souvenirs of Warren Hall into the capsule, said Associate Provost Linda Dobb, former University Librarian. Organizers suggest contributing a photograph taken inside or outside Warren Hall, stationary imprinted with the Warren Hall address or a letter describing a fond memory of happenings inside Warren Hall. Aside from inclusion inside the time capsule, each memento will be digitally stored with permission from the owner.

“(Warren Hall) could be seen from so far away,” Cal State East Bay freshman I’mani Nash said. “I could point and say, ‘That’s my school.’” 

“Many people look up to the (Hayward) campus, and what they see is Warren Hall,” Dobb said. “At some point soon, students will come (to Cal State East Bay) who don’t know that Warren Hall was here. The time capsule is one more way to have more information about our history.”

John Whitman, director of the Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA), said that his fondest Warren Hall memory is of the “wonderful space with views of the Bay.” He adds that those who worked in the building appreciated the beautiful view. Whitman suggests submitting photographs of Warren Hall’s outlook for the time capsule.

Once the time capsule is full, a ceremony for the burial will be scheduled during the summer. Dobb said she also hopes to present a slideshow consisting of the time capsule’s digital contents.

Deliver physical mementos to Whitman in the SCAA, in LI room 3112. Electronic submissions may be sent to him at Organizers ask that a description and the owner’s name be submitted with each item. The submission deadline is June 1.

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