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TV News Coverage of CSUEB & CSU Super Sunday churches outreach

  • February 20, 2014

KTVU Channel 2 News and KICU Channel 36 aired news coverage of Super Sunday outreach led by Cal State East Bay in the Bay Area and around Northern California on Sunday, Feb. 16.

Watch video recorded of the news coverage by clicking HERE

Or click on the link that follows:,S,201402,76C10412-CC92-4515-9B1F-D61BB8DBE7EC&ReqServer=NDS5%5CNDS5&QueryName=Manual%20Query&Offset=1012&rai=91629e00-4f88-11d7-80a6-00b0d020616e&ran=MetroMonitor&roi=91629e00-4f88-11d7-80a6-00b0d020616e&ron=MetroMonitor&run=&rut=0&E=12gf(WJYc7IC2WvS(74Yrlvc(7Iirj&Time=12gf(74frl4f(7vq2V4f(74Yc74f2Vvqrj&Related=PV_2&pbp=N

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