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Cal State East Bay Offers Semester Conversion Student Pledge

  • December 3, 2015

Students are the heart of CSUEB. To this end, student and faculty members of the Semester Conversion Steering Committee met to draft a student pledge early in 2015. President Leroy M. Morishita approved the pledge in March. Faculty and staff have subsequently translated the pledge into nine languages that are representative of CSUEB’s diverse student body.

The university has pledged to students that during the conversion process it will maintain the quality of education and academic programs, and that the conversion will have no impact on students’ financial standing or progress towards their degrees. Also important is the pledge’s commitment to keeping students up to date through academic advising. The pledge also encourages students to declare a major before earning 90-quarter units, to work with advisors to complete an Individualized Advisement Plan, and to meet minimum grade requirements and graduation requirements. Ultimately the goal is to make the conversion process seamless for our students, but the pledge also provides the opportunity for the University to transform how we advise all of our students.

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