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Academic Advising a Priority in Semester Conversion Process


  • March 3, 2016

As the university transitions from quarters to semesters in Fall 2018, Cal State East Bay is committed to keeping students’ academic success a priority. To ensure that students stay on track to graduate on time, the Semester Conversion Steering Committee has created a subcommittee focused on academic advising.    

“We’re sending a clear message to students that semester conversion is taking into account the process to graduation and that it’s important to us as an institution that students aren’t hampered in any way during that process,” said Larry Bliss, director of Academic Advising and Career Education at Cal State East Bay.

The Academic Advising subcommittee is a diverse collection of faculty, staff and students. The committee has begun looking at a model plan for academic advising used by Cal State Bakersfield and Cal State Los Angeles, two sister universities that are further ahead in the process of converting to semesters.    

Once the new semester curriculum is approved, academic advising staff will begin working with students one-on-one to ensure they are taking the correct courses to satisfy graduation requirements.

“We’ve promised to students that we will work with every student affected by semester conversion to create an individual plan that will lead to graduation,” Bliss said.

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