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Make it Count: Semester conversion faculty and staff encourage students to choose classes carefully

  • November 8, 2017

As fall 2018 draws closer, semester conversion faculty and staff are encouraging students to start thinking now about what the future holds.

In order to graduate, students from Cal State East Bay must have a required 180 units (a total set by the state of California) in several different categories, including general education, electives and major coursework. The different categories are sometimes missed by many students, according to Maureen Scharberg, dean of Academic Programs and Services.

“Sometimes we get students who are short courses,” she said. “They’ve taken all the courses required by their major but because they’ve forgotten electives, they can’t graduate.”

To that end, Scharberg and others have coined the phrase “make every class count” and want students to take those four words to heart.

Students should be seeing advisors in the AACE office as well as their department or major advisors — yes, even now, before conversion happens in fall 2018. By starting early, they’ll have more time to plan out their individual academic path and avoid scrambling to meet requirements during the semester before they intend to graduate.

But Scharberg says it’s more than advising — students should also make sure they are passing classes to avoid repeating them, which could take longer on the semester system. And, the classes one person needs may be different than another, so ultimately it’s up to each student to pursue a graduation plan that works for them.

“Don’t wait [to] make sure your work-school-life balance is good,” she said. “Everybody’s path is different, every student’s journey at this university is different, but that’s what makes us great.”

To set up an appointment for GE and general graduation advising call 510-885-3621.

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