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Successful leaders rely on data not intuition, says CSUEB professor

Headshot of Chongqi Wu, assistant professor of management at Cal State East Bay

Chongqi Wu, assistant professor of management

  • March 19, 2013 5:00am

California Smart Business magazine interviewed Chongqi Wu, assistant professor of management at California State University, East Bay, about the benefits of incorporating big data and analytics into the decision-making process. Business leaders often rely on intuition when making critical decisions, but according to The Economist Intelligence Unit, executives dramatically increase their chances of success when they bring facts and data into the decision-making process.

“Strategic decisions still require intuition and judgment, but injecting data analysis and modeling into the process can significantly improve the odds of success,” said Wu. “Don’t think of gut-based and fact-based decision making as competing concepts because they actually complement each other. For instance, cross-functional teams often use data to project outcomes and validate the return on proposed programs or new products.”

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