Possible Campus Strike by UAW Employees

  • December 9, 2008


TO: Campus Faculty and Staff

FROM: Jim Cimino, Associate Vice President, Human Resources

SUBJECT: Possible Campus Strike by UAW Employees

The United Auto Workers union, (Unit 11 - Teaching Associates, Graduate Assistant and Instructional Student Assistants) has publicized its intention to engage in strike activities on CSU campuses tomorrow, December 10th. While we are confident that non-UAW employees are not interested in engaging in improper activities during this period, the administration has an obligation to inform all CSU employees of the various absence procedures and requirements in effect during any period of concerted activity on the our campus.

California State University, East Bay will remain open during any such job action. Final exams and all student services will continue during this activity. The University is obligated as a public institution to provide these services.

Because we will be open for business, you are, of course, expected to continue to come to work as scheduled, and to perform your regular job duties. If you are represented by a union, the "Concerted Activities" article of the collective bargaining agreement covering your employment prohibits strikes or any other concerted activity, including strikes in sympathy or support of the UAW in a contract dispute with the CSU.

Unless you have been granted leave time, you must report to work. An unapproved absence from work may result in you being charged with an absence without leave (AWOL). Further, failure to attend work or to perform your job duties may result in disciplinary action. The administration sincerely believes that the docking of staff employee pay and the discipline of staff employees will not be necessary at our campus because we are all committed to continuing the work of our campus during this labor dispute.

Of course, there will be circumstances when leave has been approved for use during a period when a strike may occur. Vacation, Personal Holiday, use of available CTO that has already been approved will be honored. Requests for future use of such time off will be carefully reviewed in light of the needs of the department and the campus, but will not be granted retroactively.

There may be picket lines at campus entrances. Despite a UAW picket line, employees may not refuse to report to work. However, you are not obligated to provide the members of a picket line with your name, your classification, or your job location. If a member of the picket line harasses you, report this incident immediately to your supervisor or Dean.

We understand that this could be a difficult time for all CSU employees. We hope to resolve this dispute as soon as possible. In the meantime, the University appreciates your loyalty and your cooperation during this period.

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