CSU Chancellor's Review of President Qayoumi is Released

  • February 5, 2009

To the Campus Community,

As part of the CSU's process for presidential review, last October California State University Chancellor Charles Reed solicited comments regarding my performance. He asked students, faculty, staff, and members of the community to send him their assessments of my leadership.

The results of that review are reported in Chancellor Reed's open letter to the campus community, below, and have been accepted by the CSU Board of Trustees. The chancellor's assessment observes that Cal State East Bay campuses have developed, "energy, planning, tangible gains, and optimism for the future" and notes outstanding changes in the "character and culture" of the university.

As you read the chancellor's comments, please keep in mind that our accomplishments have been achieved through our work together.

The report recognizes our collective achievements and is truly a credit to you, my colleagues. The commitment of students, faculty, staff, and volunteers to making Cal State East Bay the region's "university of possibilities" is responsible for the accolades noted in this review. It is a validation of our work together and I thank you for your contributions and support.

It is indeed a privilege to work with such a fine team.


Mo Qayoumi


The California State University
February 5, 2009

Open Letter to the Cal State East Bay Community:

During the fall 2008 term, the first three-year review of Mohammad H. Qayoumi, President of California State University, East Bay was conducted. The review took the form of collecting and summarizing letters from a selection of the campus and external community members. The review concluded on January 27, 2009, with a discussion of the review by the CSU Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees and I appreciate the contributions of those who worked with us on this review.

Criteria established by the Board of Trustees in 1984, and updated in 1994 and 2001, were used to assess the performance of President Qayoumi and the progress of the institution. These measures included the overall management of the institution, relations on campus and within the system, educational leadership, community relations, major achievements of the campus and the president, and personal characteristics of the president. Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community representatives were invited to submit written comments responding to the trustees' criteria.

Without question, Dr. Qayoumi moved the CSU East Bay campus forward at blazing speed. He put many hours of thought and analysis into formulating the changes needed for Cal State East Bay. Dr. Qayoumi is described as awesome, precise and an action-oriented problem-solver. He can be impatient and does not tolerate an unduly long period of consultation or study. Once a decision is made he wants to see results via implementation. Indeed, members of the greater campus community say they are working on "Mo-time" or the campus now has "Mo-mentum."

Among the notable selected accomplishments are the following:

  • Increased enrollment from 12,706 (fall 2006) to 14,167 (fall 2008).
  • Purchased new furniture for classrooms.
  • Introduced new helpful signage and new landscaping to the campus grounds.
  • Hired a new leadership team of talented and dedicated people.
  • Created efficiencies in campus information technology.
  • Hired 114 new tenure and tenure-track faculty members.

The campus grounds have been improved dramatically since Dr. Qayoumi arrived. What only two years ago looked like a distressed and ignored property now is beautiful. Sagging or steady state enrollment has been reversed since Dr. Qayoumi arrived. As a result of all of the changes, Dr. Qayoumi has orchestrated the notable morale shift at the campus.

He hired a new group of hardworking individuals to serve on the campus leadership team. These newly recruited administrators and managers follow interim appointments at several levels of the institution; it is speculated that past interim appointments were made to avoid confrontation with the Academic Senate.

Dr. Qayoumi began a collaborative partnership with the Academic Senate and focused the body on consultation in a shared governance model. The Academic Senate has gladly embraced this change.

In terms of system contributions, Dr. Qayoumi and his team are outstanding CSU team players. For example, he volunteered for Super Sunday before we asked for presidential participation. Additionally, he has reached out to all East Bay communities including some of the recent immigrants such as Afghans, Pakistanis, and Indians, some of whom have become donors.

Dr. Mo Qayoumi is highly regarded by his presidential colleagues and members of the Chancellor's executive staff. He shares best management practices and is not afraid to be a pilot campus. He has been extremely helpful in being a proponent for on-line courses and complete on-line programs.

President Qayoumi and I have discussed the review results and report and identified the following goals for the next few years. This is an extremely long list as contrast with most review reports. Some represent sustaining momentum on recent accomplishments. Others are new goals to advance the university on several fronts over several years.

  • Continue institutional efforts to recruit students from local high schools and community colleges.
  • Support and implement the Graduation Rate Initiative of the Board of Trustees, including the establishment of policies and practices that will improve graduation rates.
  • Diversify sources of funds needed to support the university.
  • Continue institutional friend-building in the East Bay and the Silicon Valley.
  • Continue the presidentially led community relations effort and involve vice presidents to distribute the function and explore opportunities for faculty experts to play a role in community organizations task groups.
  • Continue assisting the CSU system by developing and circulating a list of online courses and programs.
  • Resources permitting, continue hiring tenure-track faculty.
  • Continue productive community relations explaining the role of CSUEB in the region.
  • Continue the positive relations with the Academic Senate and the Associated Students and the inclusive approach to governance and institutional plans.
  • Maintain the enhanced physical condition of the facilities and grounds.

Among the new aspirations for Dr. Qayoumi and Cal State East Bay are the following:

  • Strengthen the CSUEB Alumni Association so that it contributes to institutional goals and activities, and its members become donors to the university.
  • Consider whether Cal State East Bay could be the leader in the CSU in terms of energy reduction and sustainability.
  • Using the Strategic Plan and its Seven Mandates, identify several academic programs that would be signature programs for the university.
  • Challenge CSUEB to use its accountability data to move the campus forward toward constant measureable annual improvements.
  • Challenge the advancement office to attain the ten percent of General Fund expected annual gift pledges.

In conclusion, Dr. Mo Qayoumi is rapidly changing the character and culture of California State University, East Bay from a campus that had few aspirations beyond looking to hold enrollment steady to a campus having energy, planning, tangible gains, and optimism for the future. President Mo Qayoumi should continue to lead the university as a vibrant participant and leader in the intellectual, cultural, and economic life of the East Bay region of California. He is a role model and selfless leader. We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Qayoumi as part of the California State University leadership team.

With kind regards,

Charles B. Reed


401 GOLDEN SHORE • LONG BEACH, CA 90802-4210 • (562) 951-4700 • Fax (562) 951-4986


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