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10/16/2008The View > Top StoriesSeries focuses on Afghanistan, Iran
10/15/2008CommuniquéCampus Survey - Opportunity to win an Apple iPod Touch!
10/15/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesState Leader to Discuss Prop. 1A Thursday
10/15/2008The View > Top StoriesState leader to discuss Prop. 1A Thursday
10/13/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesConference Focus on Black, Latino Male Education
10/13/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesCBE Recognized Again by Princeton Review
10/13/2008The View > ObitsAssistant professor Madhavi Gandhi dies at 48
10/13/2008The View > Top StoriesCBE honored by Princeton Review
10/13/2008The View > Top StoriesConference focus on Black, Latino education
10/10/2008CommuniquéAssistant professor Madhavi Gandhi dies at 48
10/6/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesMcNair Scholars Pledge to Earn Doctorates
10/6/2008The View > Top StoriesMcNair scholars pledge to earn doctoral degrees
10/3/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesDining Commons Unveiled at Cal State East Bay
10/3/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesPresident Qayoumi Addresses Faculty, Staff
10/3/2008The View > Top StoriesDining Commons unveiled
9/29/2008CommuniquéThe Jeanne Clery Act
9/26/2008CommuniquéPreview new dining commons at Oct. 3 ceremony
9/26/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesCSUEB Frosh Convocation Sets Tone for New Year
9/26/2008The View > Top Stories'Marx in Soho' on Hayward campus Oct. 14
9/25/2008News Pre-2009 > Art and Culture'Marx in Soho' on Hayward Campus Oct. 14
9/25/2008The View > Top StoriesFrosh convocation sets tone for coming year
9/23/2008CommuniquéPresident Qayoumi Invites You to al Fresco Oct. 1
9/23/2008CommuniquéAdditional Parking Options for Fall Quarter
9/23/2008The View > Top StoriesConvocation message calls for future science, technology focus
9/17/2008News Pre-2009 > SportsPioneer Athletics Accepted for CCAA Membership
9/17/2008The View > Top StoriesPioneer athletics accepted into CCAA
9/16/2008The View > Top StoriesFall convocation for all employees Sept. 22
9/12/2008CommuniquéEmployees Invited to Attend EIR Meeting on Pioneer Heights Addition, New Parking Structure
9/12/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesCal State East Bay Names First Endowed Chair
9/12/2008The View > Top StoriesRecognizing legacy of Chinese Exclusion Act
9/11/2008CommuniquéParking Spaces Added for Fall Quarter, New Policies Adopted
9/11/2008The View > Top StoriesFilipino Leadership Forum Oct. 3 at Hayward
9/10/2008CommuniquéCSUEB Campus to Host Police Training this Weekend
9/10/2008CommuniquéSAVE THE DATE! Fall Convocation Sept. 22
9/10/2008News Pre-2009 > Art and CultureFilipino Leadership Forum at CSUEB Oct. 3
9/8/2008CommuniquéFormer educational psychology chair Alvin H. Jones Jr. dies at 77
9/8/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesOlympic Mettle: Magdalena Lewy Boulet
9/8/2008The View > ObitsFormer ed psych chair Al Jones dies at 77
9/5/2008CommuniquéLeroy Chauffe, 71, was CSUEB chemistry professor for 33 years
9/5/2008CommuniquéRemembering 35-year employee Eloise Thomas
9/5/2008The View > ObitsRemembering 35-year employee Eloise Thomas
9/5/2008The View > ObitsLeroy Chauffe, 71, was CSUEB chemistry prof.
9/5/2008The View > Top StoriesCSUEB names first endowed chair
8/29/2008CommuniquéUniversity Web rebuild project launches first phase
8/27/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesHedrick Selected as Academy of Sciences Fellow
8/27/2008The View > Top StoriesHedrick Selected as Academy of Sciences Fellow
8/13/2008CommuniquéRobert Good passes away at 76
8/13/2008The View > ObitsRobert Good passes away at 76
8/13/2008The View > Top StoriesRamsey becomes first CSUEB campaign director
8/12/2008CommuniquéRamsey to become first CSUEB campaign director
8/8/2008CommuniquéAthletics Program Transitions into New Division
8/5/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesFree Public Forum on Future Earthquakes Thursday
8/5/2008The View > Top StoriesPublic forum on quake preparations Thursday
8/4/2008CommuniquéCSUEB Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs
8/4/2008News Pre-2009 > SportsCSUEB Receives First Approvals from NCAA Div. 2
8/4/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesPrinceton Review Names CSUEB 'Best in West'
8/4/2008The View > Top StoriesCSUEB's 'Best in the West' again
8/4/2008The View > Top StoriesAthletics gets initial OK for D2 move
8/1/2008CommuniquéCampus Police Investigate Armed Robberies Thursday Night
7/29/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesCSUEB to Host CSU Super Saturday Fair Aug. 16
7/24/2008CommuniquéCSU Works to Ensure Employees Receive Paychecks
7/24/2008News Pre-2009 > Top StoriesFollett in Partnership to Operate Univ. Bookstore
7/24/2008The View > Top StoriesNo wage cuts during budget crisis
7/23/2008CommuniquéCORRECTED INFO: Ernesto Sanchez, assistant architect, passes away
7/23/2008The View > ObitsErnesto Sanchez, assistant architect, was 50
7/21/2008The View > Top StoriesIdentity guide policy announced
7/17/2008CommuniquéFuneral Service for Dan Franke Will Be July 25
7/15/2008CommuniquéNew Bookstore Partnership Begins Aug. 1
7/15/2008The View > Top StoriesPre-nursing for frosh at Concord
7/14/2008CommuniquéDan Franke, Director of Facilities Management, 52
7/14/2008The View > ObitsDan Franke passes away at age of 52
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