Livermore Newspaper Endorses Name Change

  • January 19, 2005

Trustees of the state university system are considering a name change for Cal State Hayward. The college, which opened in 1959, is officially named California State Unversity, Hayward. The proposed new name is California State University, East Bay, Hayward Hills Campus.

Most people will probably continue to call it Cal State Hayward in everyday conversations. However, the new name does more accurately reflect Hayward's role as the mother campus of a system that encompasses the whole East Bay.

Meanwhile, the name change could create a kind of liberation for Cal State Hayward's branches in San Ramon, Oakland and Concord. Each will be identified under its own name. It's likely to spur them to grow and develop their own identities.

The trustees are slated to vote on the name change next week. We urge them to approve it.

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