Career Development Center scholarship reception is Oct. 13

  • October 1, 2005

The Career Development Center will sponsor a community service internship scholarship reception Oct. 13 in the University Union, room 311.

"The reception itself is to celebrate (the interns) for doing community service, for pursuing their career goals," said career counselor Susana Moraga, who is coordinating the event.

Moraga has been in charge of the internship program for three of the 13 years it has existed. The program is currently offered during the summer quarter, though Moraga says an upcoming fundraiser could help them expand the program to the winter quarter.

If the program expands, there will be 20 positions for the summer and 20 for the winter.

"It's what we're about as the Career Development Center - students getting actual experience in the work field and pursuing their career endeavors or identifying them," said Moraga.

Summer intern Carl Rogers said his experience was invaluable.

"I have gained hands-on experience working with people with severe and persistent mental illness," said Rogers. "I have a real sense of how these individuals are and how it is to work with them, and I am beginning to determine whether I would eventually like for this to be some part of my life's work."

The program has one key donor, who has offered to match any funds raised by the CDC up to $20,000. He would like to see the current hours and stipend raised to $1,000 for 1,000 hours of service. All funds go directly to these scholarships for the interns.

Moraga says that many students do not realize the importance of workplace experience. The program requires that the internship chosen by the student be related to their major.
The companies benefit because they provide a service to the community by helping to develop students as future professionals.

Moraga recruits companies and students, and tracks the entire internship process. Once companies are recruited, the internships are advertised through the Jobs4U online database, fliers, posters and e-mails. At least three applicants are needed for each position. Once it has a pool of applicants, the company will then contact the students for an interview and make the job offer to the candidate of their choice.

CDC officials say that the community service internship program is extremely beneficial to the student and the company. Students gain invaluable experiences and knowledge of careers related to their chosen field.

"The most rewarding aspect of my internship has been my close interactions with prospective adoptive families," said summer intern Christina Cotton. "I have appreciated each and every family, their willingness to share their stories with me and the opportunity to present their family to fellow social workers as one that will provide a loving, nurturing and stable home to abused and neglected children."

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