Pre-2009 Archive Articles
11/21/2008The View > ObitsSilvia Molina, CSUEB custodian, dies at 53
11/14/2008The View > Obits'Doc' Brown memorial service planned Dec. 13
11/12/2008The View > ObitsMemorial service Nov. 15 for former president's secretary Emiko Matsutsuyu
11/10/2008The View > ObitsFormer Concord Campus employee passes away
10/27/2008The View > ObitsLongtime professor Detlef Warnke dies at 80
10/24/2008The View > ObitsFormer employee Karen Seifert dies at 61
10/13/2008The View > ObitsAssistant professor Madhavi Gandhi dies at 48
9/8/2008The View > ObitsFormer ed psych chair Al Jones dies at 77
9/5/2008The View > ObitsRemembering 35-year employee Eloise Thomas
9/5/2008The View > ObitsLeroy Chauffe, 71, was CSUEB chemistry prof.
8/13/2008The View > ObitsRobert Good passes away at 76
7/23/2008The View > ObitsErnesto Sanchez, assistant architect, was 50
7/14/2008The View > ObitsDan Franke passes away at age of 52
7/8/2008The View > ObitsFormer English chair Doug Peterson dies at 84
7/2/2008The View > ObitsLewie Burnett, former CEAS dean, passes away
6/25/2008The View > ObitsProf. emerita Evelyn Belgum passes away
5/13/2008The View > ObitsAnderson taught at CSUEB 1964-1977
3/3/2008The View > ObitsEndowment is legacy of founding librarian
1/3/2008The View > ObitsFormer football coach Les Davis remembered
12/7/2007The View > ObitsLaura Marschall remembered
10/2/2007The View > ObitsScholarship legacy of Joan Seavey Thomas
9/14/2007The View > ObitsScholarships carry on Young Song's legacy
4/23/2007The View > ObitsRetired psych prof memorial announced
3/16/2007The View > ObitsFuneral service for longtime custodian
3/5/2007The View > ObitsMayers founded philosophy department
12/22/2006The View > ObitsEarly malaria researcher dies
12/6/2006The View > ObitsEmeritus teacher ed professor dies
9/18/2006The View > ObitsRic Tombari dies suddenly
7/25/2006The View > ObitsMath professor established scholarship
7/19/2006The View > ObitsCogswell led efforts to preserve shoreline
7/19/2006The View > ObitsBiochemistry advocate will be missed
5/16/2006The View > ObitsEmeritus prof Bonnin dies
5/16/2006The View > ObitsMusic professor Nelson dies
5/16/2006The View > ObitsLecturer Kaufman dies in Albany
4/19/2006The View > ObitsFinal farewell for Ellis McCune
2/27/2006The View > ObitsDonald L. Peterson dies
2/14/2006The View > ObitsFormer education dean dies
12/2/2005The View > ObitsIlene Rockman passes away
11/7/2005The View > ObitsRubin concert planned
11/4/2005The View > ObitsHeath memorial established
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