Pre-2009 Archive Articles
12/8/2008The View > ViewPointA watershed year for CSUEB
3/10/2008The View > ViewPointGreat Expectations and Opportunities
1/23/2008The View > ViewPointCSUEB in 2008: Prepared for the journey
12/7/2007The View > ViewPointReflections on a year of progress
9/1/2007The View > ViewPoint'Our vision is within reach'
7/5/2007The View > ViewPointSetting new standards for a new era
5/4/2007The View > ViewPointDelivering on the dream
4/18/2007The View > ViewPointShock, sadness follow Virginia tragedy
4/6/2007The View > ViewPointNumbers are up at CSUEB
3/2/2007The View > ViewPointSeeds of change at CSUEB
2/2/2007The View > ViewPointWhen CSUEB reaches out, the East Bay responds
1/8/2007The View > ViewPointPresident's Town Hall Meeting Discussion Notes
1/4/2007The View > ViewPointSetting the course for next 50 years
12/8/2006The View > ViewPointNext steps for a new CSUEB
11/3/2006The View > ViewPoint A $2.8 million vote of confidence
11/2/2006The View > ViewPointEnsuring a memorable, safe commencement
10/6/2006The View > ViewPointPresident urges Town Hall attendance
9/6/2006The View > ViewPointEnrollment is key
8/1/2006The View > ViewPointFoundation for a new CSUEB
7/3/2006The View > ViewPointImagining new possibilities for CSUEB
12/15/2005The View > ViewPointLooking forward to 2006
11/14/2005The View > ViewPointCount our blessings
8/24/2005The View > ViewPointMaking good things happen
8/24/2005The View > ViewPointGrowth means change
8/23/2005The View > ViewPointGrads are diverse
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