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Academic Affairs Newsletter, Week of December 11

Welcome to the Last Academic Newsletter of the Fall Quarter

1. Grades Due Tonight at 8 pm 

2. Campus History Conference on December 13:

Dear Colleagues, 

On Wednesday, December 13, CSU East Bay is hosting a major day-long conference introducing education professionals to the 2016 History-Social Science Framework, a major innovation in the way history, civic engagement and government, geography, ethnic studies, economics, and literacy are taught in K-12 schools. The authors of this new framework—leading educators from schools and universities across the state—will be sharing their insights and hopes for this significant rethinking of K-12 instruction in our fields.  

The organizers have generously invited any interested CSU East Bay faculty to drop in to sessions relevant to their fields (the detailed schedule is ATTACHED).  They have asked that if we attend the morning introductory plenary session, that we allow the paid registrants to have a seat if the room is full. They also ask that we first stop by the registration table just to let their team know we are present before attending particular sessions. But otherwise, they have stated that “drop-ins are more than welcome.”  (Lunch may also be restricted to the paid registrants, understandably.)  Please feel free to share this conference schedule with interested faculty.  

I think this new framework offers absolutely wonderful new approaches to teaching in our fields, and I think it will be quite invaluable for us to get a close-up look at state-of-the-art instruction in K-12 education right now—and from its leading practitioners and designers. It might well help us think through our own teaching approaches and expectations for our semester courses. It’s really fantastic that they have selected CSU East Bay to introduce this important shift in history-social science education.  

Please let me know if you have any questions, 

Bridget Ford 
Professor of History
California State University, East Bay

3. ECL and EIRA Funds for AY 2018-19

The A2E2 Advisory Committee for ECL and EIRA funds has been convened. The call for AY 2018-19 proposals will go out in early January 2018. A detailed timeline for the proposal and funding process will be included with the call for proposals.

A2E2 Advisory Committee Membership for Academic Year 2017-18


Paul Carpenter (CEAS), Committee Chair
Liz Ginno, (LIBY)
Buddy James, (CLASS)
Robert Loveland (CBE)
Denise Liu (CSCI) 


Samantha Quiambao, ASI President
Joshua Peckham, ASI Executive Vice President/Chief of Staff
Ryan Finazzo, ASI Vice President of Finance
Tiffany Patterson, ASI VP University Affairs
Cindy Ng, ASI VP of Communications

4. Research Speed Dating

On Tuesday January 16, 11:30-1:00 pm, ORSP will host a faculty networking activity called “Research Speed Dating.”  During this fast-paced event, you will have an opportunity to network and learn about your colleagues’ research.  Similar to speed dating, you will share a 3-minute “elevator speech” with one another as you rotate around the room. The event will end with a networking luncheon.  All that you need to participate is a short elevator speech about your research activity and your curiosity about what your colleagues are doing.   This event will be located in SF 329.  Lunch will be provided; please RSVP to Anne Wing

Have a great break! 

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